Friday, November 28, 2008

Hoping and Wishing

Day by day pass by me, this reminded me that on 18th of Descmber 2008 for my father full body check-up and scanning. 

After all the 6 session of chemo, I'm finally can relax my mind a little bit, just a little bit. If not, every time seeing my father suffering from the poisonous drugs. Can't eat, vomit, hair fall, and etc. 

Well, at least I've done my best part as the elder son in my family. Every time he came down to Penang for Chemo Session, he will be staying alone at hospital. I could not help him much, but just to take leave and went there to take good care of him. 

It is really a very pressuring time for me, where by my annual leave only few days only. So I have to take unpaid leave. (end up deducted salary up to RM400 per month) :( Things that happened to my family, I won't forgive myself so easily.

Imagine, because of your college study, expenses and etc, your father away far from home to earn money for you to continue your study, and yes, now you are able to graduate and working now. Now father's health got problem, and what could you do? 

I blame myself alot, I hate myself alot. Why I'm letting my father to suffer from this health problem? 

I've even pray to God, telling the God that I trust the most, that I believe the most. "Dear God, please, please, please don't take my father away from me, I really cannot survive without him. I haven't re-pay him back for what he has given to me when I was still young. "

"Dear God, please, I beg of you, please... don't take him away from me... Dear God, if you really want to take away him from me, i beg you please re-consider, I would want to exchange my father with my life." 

"Dear God, I rather live 10 years less in exchange to my father's healty. If it is not enough, make it 20 years! Just please don't take my father away from me, from my family... "

Now, all I hope and wish, is just simple thing even every time I went to temple for pray... My father's health. Nothing I could ask more from Dear God. Now whole family depending on me, making my responsibility and pressure even greater. But I do not really care on it, so long I could see the smile of my father, my family, all the pressures, tears, sadness will be gone. There is alot of things that I did not really told my parents nor my brother and sister, as I really don't want them to worry so much. Just let all the things come to me, let me handle it all myself. 

I just want to see my father's happy and no worries faces. I couldn't tell him that my current company problem, no bonus, no OT, no increment. How am I with my family suppose to survive for coming Chinese New Year. 

This causing me alot, seriously alot of headache and pressures. I really don't know what to do. I really don't know what others else that I could do now? 

But now all I know, I still can handle it, I'm still able to take the pressures. Please don't tell my family about my company's situations. I just hoping and wishing the best for my father's healths. Nothing more I could ask for now until after 18th December. 

Just waiting nervously for the day to come. Really hoping and wish alot for my father, "Get Well Soon, my beloved father. You are my hero, you are my fame, you are me" 

Thursday, November 27, 2008

What could you do with just RM2000.00 per month?

Well, the economic is getting worst for Malaysia, retrenchment is getting more and more. So I want to ask all of you, what could you do with RM2000.00 per month nowadays?


RM2000.00 - 11% (EPF Contribution) = RM1780.00
RM1780.00 - RM200.00 (Rental) = RM1580.00
RM1580.00 - RM600.00(For Family since that the only income is from this RM2000.00) = RM980.00
RM980.00 - RM400.00(Credit Card Re-Payment PER MONTH!) :( = RM580.00
RM580.00 / 30 Days (Average Days in 1 Month) = RM19.33

So, with RM19.33 per day nowadays, what can you have? 
1. Breakfast - Penang Har Mee + Nescafe = RM5.00
2. Lunch - Economic Rice + Drinks = RM4.50
3. Dinner - Rice (again?) = RM5.00
Total: RM14.50

RM19.33 - RM14.50 = RM4.83

So, 1 day you will be able to save RM4.83 to your bank. Am I right?


let me ask you question back, 

1. How you go to work? By car, no need petrol? By bus, no need to pay?  By walk, you sure you can walk 20KM per day not? 
2. From your salary, how much contribution for your salary for SOCSO? (Remember, I did not minus out the SOCSO)
3. Whole family(Parent, Sister, Brother) depending on you. Parent no longer working due to health problem, Sister graduated but still cannot find any job at Singapore, Brother still studying (Every month usage RM800, how bout the course fees?)
4. Parent medical fees? How are you suppose to pay back the RM50,000.00 medical fees?
5. How do you communicate with your bf/gf, friends, family, collegue, customers and etc? Handphone right? So, who pay for the handphone service fees? 
6. Lets just say, your car break down, you sent for repair and cost you RM400.00, how you pay it when you even cannot save any cents from what you have earn. Credit Card? then you will owe more and more to credit card. 

OK, stop here, else it will be going to be a long long lists to go...

I remember I read an articles saying with RM2000.00 nowadays, you are still consider the poor people. Imagine RM2000.00 nowadays is not like RM2000.00 in 20 years back where you eat a Penang Har Mee probably will only cost you around RM0.50, am I right? 

So, what you could do in order for you to survive this hell of life? 

That is why, Malaysia nowadays, more and more robbery, more and more hand bags snatching that you could read about in the newspaper. Did Malaysia Government really look into the problems? The answer is NO!!

Another example, Proton Car. Government keeps on saying that the attitude of a drivers that causes the accident and death. BUT, did they realise that what is the root causes to the death? Did they blame on the car maker? NO!!

Lets say, comparing Proton Waja, Toyota Vios and Honda City...
Waja, Vios and City crashing into the concreet wall. Which one will be the worst? Hint, find the answer from and search for Fifth Gear, look for Proton Waja crash test. 

They only care about making money, they did not really care about the safety of a driver and passangers. 

haih... well, lets just cut the crap... I think I've out of the topic already... Chao first... bye... :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Honest Opinion

Well, today, just now, I received a very honest opinion from one of my college best friend (zulee), I'm gonna kill her when I meet up with her!! lol.. jkjk... hehe...

So, I started up this blog just to share out with you all on my photos, but now, I'm changing my mind with sharing out my thoughts, my research, my happiness, my sadness, my hardtime, my... my... my... what else huh? hehe... well, i'll definately share out everything thats come into my mind with you all.

Honestly, I really miss all my college friends, the joy, the happiness, the sadness, the fun and the time that we had during college time in KDU penang. Zu, Tik, Ann, Steve, Felix, also, not to forget our lecturers. I miss the time when we have dinner together before continue the night class. 

Calculate back to time, it has been around 2 years plus from the last day of my life in college. For now, I just hoping and wishing all the best to all of them out there, no matter they still remember me or not. 

Well, if Tik is reading this, I want to tell her, "TIK!! When want to come Penang again?" haha.. 

As for Zu, I've meet up with her last time I think also around 2 years back when I go Johor visit her. After she move to KL, I never have the chances and free time to meet up with her, haih... what to do? working life is work... work... and work... Work until one of my customer asked me what is my age and I told them I'm 30 and they believe it! -_-" 

haha, well... that for all now... anything in my mind, will be sharing out with all of you at here... :) 

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Power of Photoshop

First taken 2 pictures as below, 

Then, croping the second picture (eagle picture) and zoom it out to maximum, but becareful when you crop and zoom, because too much of zooming will cause the eagle to become blur. 

Well, for your information, I crop the eagle picture using Paint.NET (Freeware). 

Then, adjusting the the sky color to match up with the first picture. So, the eagle picture I randomly place it and by using Photoshop CS3 to matching up the color for eagle picture with the first picture sky color. 

So, there you go... the outcome...

Happy Photochopping... :) 

Friday, November 14, 2008

First Time Hands On HDR

This is the first ever High Dynamic Range or so called HDR photo I've ever created, any comment on the HDR? Click on the picture for actual picture size. :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Edited Photos with CS3

Edited with CS3, not sure above photo is so called as HDR or not... hehe... any comment?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Playing with EV value

View of my place near the swimming pool. Learning to take photo with angle. 

Playing and learning with EV for below pictures. 

Monday, November 10, 2008

Snake Temple Penang

Picture taken during my visit to Snake Temple Penang.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

View of the sky

Nothing to do when I went back to my hometown, so take my DSLR and simply snap the picture... 

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Golden Back Arowana

This Golden Back Arowana taken when I visit my friend's house, this fish is about 1 and half years old, costing at around RM7000.00

Another kind of Arowana, also cost around RM7000.00