Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Honest Opinion

Well, today, just now, I received a very honest opinion from one of my college best friend (zulee), I'm gonna kill her when I meet up with her!! lol.. jkjk... hehe...

So, I started up this blog just to share out with you all on my photos, but now, I'm changing my mind with sharing out my thoughts, my research, my happiness, my sadness, my hardtime, my... my... my... what else huh? hehe... well, i'll definately share out everything thats come into my mind with you all.

Honestly, I really miss all my college friends, the joy, the happiness, the sadness, the fun and the time that we had during college time in KDU penang. Zu, Tik, Ann, Steve, Felix, also, not to forget our lecturers. I miss the time when we have dinner together before continue the night class. 

Calculate back to time, it has been around 2 years plus from the last day of my life in college. For now, I just hoping and wishing all the best to all of them out there, no matter they still remember me or not. 

Well, if Tik is reading this, I want to tell her, "TIK!! When want to come Penang again?" haha.. 

As for Zu, I've meet up with her last time I think also around 2 years back when I go Johor visit her. After she move to KL, I never have the chances and free time to meet up with her, haih... what to do? working life is work... work... and work... Work until one of my customer asked me what is my age and I told them I'm 30 and they believe it! -_-" 

haha, well... that for all now... anything in my mind, will be sharing out with all of you at here... :) 

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Anonymous said...

I read. Hehe.
You still not coming, one of my room is going to be rented out to people dee. Later you come visit you will have to sleep in the living room. Hehe.
Tik says she's coming after a few years. After she graduate masters :)
Ey, did you know Annie is in KL too. (i never visit her either - too caught up with work). :D
Call me when you visit KL k?