Thursday, November 27, 2008

What could you do with just RM2000.00 per month?

Well, the economic is getting worst for Malaysia, retrenchment is getting more and more. So I want to ask all of you, what could you do with RM2000.00 per month nowadays?


RM2000.00 - 11% (EPF Contribution) = RM1780.00
RM1780.00 - RM200.00 (Rental) = RM1580.00
RM1580.00 - RM600.00(For Family since that the only income is from this RM2000.00) = RM980.00
RM980.00 - RM400.00(Credit Card Re-Payment PER MONTH!) :( = RM580.00
RM580.00 / 30 Days (Average Days in 1 Month) = RM19.33

So, with RM19.33 per day nowadays, what can you have? 
1. Breakfast - Penang Har Mee + Nescafe = RM5.00
2. Lunch - Economic Rice + Drinks = RM4.50
3. Dinner - Rice (again?) = RM5.00
Total: RM14.50

RM19.33 - RM14.50 = RM4.83

So, 1 day you will be able to save RM4.83 to your bank. Am I right?


let me ask you question back, 

1. How you go to work? By car, no need petrol? By bus, no need to pay?  By walk, you sure you can walk 20KM per day not? 
2. From your salary, how much contribution for your salary for SOCSO? (Remember, I did not minus out the SOCSO)
3. Whole family(Parent, Sister, Brother) depending on you. Parent no longer working due to health problem, Sister graduated but still cannot find any job at Singapore, Brother still studying (Every month usage RM800, how bout the course fees?)
4. Parent medical fees? How are you suppose to pay back the RM50,000.00 medical fees?
5. How do you communicate with your bf/gf, friends, family, collegue, customers and etc? Handphone right? So, who pay for the handphone service fees? 
6. Lets just say, your car break down, you sent for repair and cost you RM400.00, how you pay it when you even cannot save any cents from what you have earn. Credit Card? then you will owe more and more to credit card. 

OK, stop here, else it will be going to be a long long lists to go...

I remember I read an articles saying with RM2000.00 nowadays, you are still consider the poor people. Imagine RM2000.00 nowadays is not like RM2000.00 in 20 years back where you eat a Penang Har Mee probably will only cost you around RM0.50, am I right? 

So, what you could do in order for you to survive this hell of life? 

That is why, Malaysia nowadays, more and more robbery, more and more hand bags snatching that you could read about in the newspaper. Did Malaysia Government really look into the problems? The answer is NO!!

Another example, Proton Car. Government keeps on saying that the attitude of a drivers that causes the accident and death. BUT, did they realise that what is the root causes to the death? Did they blame on the car maker? NO!!

Lets say, comparing Proton Waja, Toyota Vios and Honda City...
Waja, Vios and City crashing into the concreet wall. Which one will be the worst? Hint, find the answer from and search for Fifth Gear, look for Proton Waja crash test. 

They only care about making money, they did not really care about the safety of a driver and passangers. 

haih... well, lets just cut the crap... I think I've out of the topic already... Chao first... bye... :)


Elaine Chuah said...

Wat to do ler .. recession time, business so bad .. Do night part time job lor .. I believe sure you can get it .. hehehehe ...

Anonymous said...

mienz... life's tough.
I can't say i've really walked in your shoes, (my life's a luxury, i know) but you have my respect supporting your brother's school fees and parents' medical fees.
RM50,000 debt... now that's what I call - alot.

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