Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Wish for the Year of 2009

What do I wish for the year 2009. Few things... hehe...

1. Wish my family's health in great. 
2. Wish my father's health in good and wish him don't go so far for work anymore. 
3. Wish I'm succes in my career. 
4. Wish I can start up my own business. 
5. Wish I can buy a house at Penang. 
6. Wish I can settle all my debts as soon as possible. 
7. Wish I could have a lot more of successful wish in year 2009. 
8. Wish I could wish all my family, friends and colleague in great prosperous Chinese New Year. :)

So, mind to share with me your wish for 2009?

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Farewell Gathering Lunch Party

A Teaser For You All... 
Wide View of Cititel Penang Lobby

I like this lighting effect. 

While waiting at lobby, Angie Ong captured this photo using my DSLR

Photog in action.

Angie (PG) vs Angie (KL)

The arrival table 1

The arrival table 2

Sian Hwa and Beng Tat

Beng Tat and the Aunty :)
Hannee, she purposely wear the pregnant lady's dress so that she could eat a lot on that day. 

Aunty in finger ACTION :D

Clarisa with the little V before start the her lunch. 

Hannee, starting her lunch liao. 

The Group with the 2 Photog, this picture taken by Edwin. 

The Photog and the leng lui. 

Candid Photo. 

Beng Tat and Lin Lin

Daphne and Edwin

Beng Tat and Edwin

Daphne and Angie (PG)

Beng Tat and Eunice

From Top Left, Eunice, Clarisa, Hannee.
From Below Left, Beng Tat, Daphne and Angie (KL) <-- Gonna miss them alot. 

Beng Tat and Daphne

Another Candid Photo. 

Beng Tat and Angie (PG)

From Top Left, Elaine, Daphne
From Below Left, Beng Tat, Sim and Angie (KL)

Beng Tat, Elaine and Angie (KL)

Beng Tat

Lin Lin

Clarisa and BB

Innocent face of Daphne

The Group of Table 2

From Left, Elaine, Angie (KL) and Eunice.

Candid Photo, caught this when Daphne eats Hanne's food. :)

Eunice, Cheers... 

Sian Hwa with the Satay in the mouth. 


Arrival of the most scary man (This is what peoples' told me la)  in PIT :)

The Group

Leng Lui

Beng Tat, you mah nice lo, got so many leng lui. haha... 

Group Photo, but still left 2 people. 

Finally, the whole group who attended the party. 

Next destination after lunch is Esplanade, below is the pictures that I manage to capture and also sorry go going back early because need to rush back to hometown. Anyway, enjoy... 



The Building

The Models


The field


The saturn grass 


Playing with Kite