Friday, December 19, 2008

Commander and Soldiers – The Last Stand

Once upon a time, a commander decided to lead a group of 20 soldiers to an unknown place. A place where they have to give up the pass, a place where they are totally new, a place where they even hardly sees the bright, a place where the commander did not even give preparation for the soldiers to go to.

Some of them did not sees any benefits for them to go, so they leave but some of them keeps on continue to help and fight with the commander and that included a soldier named Colman Stench. At first, Colman Stench also hardly to see the bright and the path that the commander decided to go, so he went privately to seek justification from the commander’s opinions.

Commander told him, “now there is a chance, a chance where everyone will get even much better benefits compare to the pass, a chance where he foresee that could lead the group to a better and higher stage”. Colman listen and think. “This is a very simple, there is a ready sports car at here, a car that we all no need to work so hard to get, a car that we can used it to race with others sports car”, said the commander.

Finally, Colman decided. He decided to stay to help and to fight together with the commander and the group.

But, when they all really in the way to the unknown place, they found that it were really hard, even harder than the pass. A lot soldiers has given up to continue to fight, leaving only few soldiers including Colman.  Until one day, Colman almost give up that time, he seek advice and opinions from the commander. The commander told him, “Hang on there, my fellow soldier, I will review back your contributions and reward to you accordingly”.

So, Colman keeps on survive with the advice and opinion from the commander because he knows that the commander will reward him soon. He reminds himself, as long as he keeps on fighting and keeps on survive, the commander will do something for him.

As times passed, a great bad news coming to Colman when he heard 2 from the group left over of soldiers were just get shot. He very sad, he thinks, why the commander just let this 2 soldier get shot and not even a single words or orders from him to fight back? Now, the commander even cannot do anything to help Colman on the rewards. Colman is really sad. The promise that the commander gave to him were slowly disappeared. Not only Colman but the whole group of soldiers started to hate the commanders due to the promise that the commander gave to the soldiers.

Colman decided, not to full fight but just fight for individual survival since that the commander treated the group like this.

Colman frustrated not because of the decision, but because of the betrayal of his commander to the group. Colman trusted the commander, full faith with the commander like his own family members. Ended up betrayal by the commander to the group.

In almost giving up the hope, Colman meet up with a sarjan named Enderson. Enderson giving guideline and last new hope to Colman, but Colman hardly to believe in it anymore as the betrayal by the commander was a very big shock to him. What Colman want is very easy; “See as I See, Feel as I Feel and Fight as I Fight for the group”.

Sarjan Enderson told Colman, “I never let you down from beginning”. Colman think a while and replied him, “Yes, you are, but how can you make sure the same bad things will be never ever happened again?” “Trust me; I will try my best to help you”. Sarjan Enderson added.

Colman with frustrated heart and mind, think and think, and said to himself that this will be the one last chance he gave to the group, to the commander and to himself. Colman hardly to imagine how the commander could just keep the mouth shut when sees the 2 soldiers get shot.

 Colman believes, this time the commander has gone over. He hardly trusts the commander anymore. He trusted and treated the commander like his own family, like his own brother but ended up betrayal by the so called brother. With the one last hope, Colman give one last chance to Sarjan Enderson who he believe will helped him in anyway, any matters.

Why Colman still want to continue fighting together with the group, himself also couldn’t answer it. Probably because of his family or probably because of the financial problem? He also cannot get the correct answer. All he knows is the one last hope by Sarjan Enderson.

Sarjan Enderson told Colman when he saw Colman in broken heart, “This is simple, it just like a gamble. Either you win or you lose”. “But, if we wanted a great victory, then we must all work together, fight together without counting win or lose among ourselves. We are not a gamble tools, we are a family. When you are in trouble, we all come and helped you but when we are in trouble, where were you? What were you done to save? NOTHING”. Colman added.

“The commander is the master mind of all, the soldiers are the executers. The commander gave an order but the soldiers refused to obey. End up we all lose the war. Only the commander fight in the war, can he win the war? Only the soldiers fight in the war can they win the war? The answer is simply NO. Both must work together in order for all of us to win this war. Both also couldn’t leave each others. If the commander is giving up on the soldiers then all of us will lose the war even though we all win the battle because the decision he made will affected the fighting heart of the soldiers”. Colman said to Sarjan Enderson.

 Great news received by Colman from his family, probably the greatest ever since the festival of a new year. With the happiness, he shared out with the group of soldiers including the commander and Sarjan Enderson.

All their best wishes, Colman has finally ended the sad and moody feeling since the festival. All of them see Colman’s happy face was also happy including the 2 that were shot. With all their congratulations including the commander and Sarjan Enderson, Colman seems like forgotten all the difficulties and problems.

Well, even it just for a short while, Colman still happy with it. He seems like very sure all the bad lucks have gone one by one.

From now on, Colman will have to face and decide whether to leave the group and went into another new unknown place to build up his own world or not. If he decided to go, then there will be a lot of things that he has to give up and won’t regret with the decision that he made. But if he decided not to go, then the only things that he will scarify is the opportunity. An opportunity that Sarjan Enderson offered to him, an opportunity that he will be able to life out of the poor and hard life.

A lot of things will be changed if Colman decided to go to that new unknown place, especially those that he love and care the most. But now, he needs to think and think very carefully before he made that decision as Sarjan Enderson also has no clue what will the rewards be.

Colman seek advice from all of the groups, most of them said that this is really a good opportunity. But all of them also don’t want Colman to leave. So they tried all their best to help and figure out another way to help Colman.

From now on, Colman has to think carefully, either leave or continue stay and fight with the group that he trusted and believe the most because once he goes to the new unknown place he will be on his own, he will be fighting it all alone and become the lone wolf.


The End of Commander and soldiers Story.


Anonymous said...

man ... I'm starting to feel that I should be joining your group instead of staying at where I am now.

Please think hard and make plans before making any moves. :p
Good luck, soldier.

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