Monday, December 1, 2008

Dinner at Teluk Kumbar Restaurant

Reaching the place at around 5:20PM. While waiting for others to come, I went for a shoot first. So here is some opening teaser first.... hehe...

This is the Edited HDR photo for above picture. 

1. Boon Lee
2. Elaine
3. Lay Ean
4. Clarisa
5. Hannee
6. Eunice
7. and Me

1. Daphne
2. Lee

Well, hope next time there will be even more people to join for the dinner...

Alright, and now, here is the rest of the pictures...

Normal fill light adjustment. 
The original unedited HDR photo for above picture. 

Originals Photo. 
Original Photo.

After about 1 hour of waiting time, I manage to learn the light adjustment. I even try to learn taking photo in landscape format and try using Photoshop CS3 to edit to become a very nice landscape photo. But seems like unsuccessful. :( Anyhow, will try next time again. 

The arriving of the girls. 

So, finally they have arrived. Ordered few food as below;
1. Duck Egg with Crab.
2. Teppanyaki Toufu.
3. Steamed Shell.
4. Teo Chew Steamed Fish (The Red Lion Fish)
5. Nestume Har Ko. 

Half hour later, Clarisa feels like not quite enough for her, so ordered a few more food as below;
1. Black Pepper Crab
2. Kong Pou Kap Pa.

Erm, what else? Did I miss out others food? 

Well, here is the food...

Nestume Har Ko

Teo Chew Steamed Fish (The Red Lion Fish)

Teppanyaki Toufu

Kong Pou Kap Pa

Steamed Shell

Well, I did not manage capture all the food, sorry ya... Too hungry liao, cannot tahan liao mah... hehehe... next time I try to capture all the food. ;)

So, here is the results, after finished all the food,  and the winner goes to CLARISA!! Congratulation to you, Clarisa... haha... 

Congratulation to you Clarisa. haha....

Well, not to forget about the cutest guy in our company. Boon Lee... But seems like he still no full yet... haha... 
After First Round Battle. He started to feel sleepy already. 

Take photo also can Zzz... Really salute him, haha... 

Then, Lay Ean shout; "Boon Lee, the second round food come liao!!"

Haha, so that's for all now. OK, maybe next battle ground, should be "IKAN BAKAR?" Any opinion? If all OK, then I'll organized again. hehe... 

High Resolution Pictures will be emailed to all of you... ;)


honeylemon said...

Finally I get fat liao...... :(

Gan Chin Seng said...

haha... you where got fat wor...

still ok mah... hehe...

Cla said...

next time go anywhere also can, as long as u bring ur camera...:)

Gan Chin Seng said...

No Problem Cla,

Next time when we come out again, sure will bring out my camera...