Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Wish for the Year of 2009

What do I wish for the year 2009. Few things... hehe...

1. Wish my family's health in great. 
2. Wish my father's health in good and wish him don't go so far for work anymore. 
3. Wish I'm succes in my career. 
4. Wish I can start up my own business. 
5. Wish I can buy a house at Penang. 
6. Wish I can settle all my debts as soon as possible. 
7. Wish I could have a lot more of successful wish in year 2009. 
8. Wish I could wish all my family, friends and colleague in great prosperous Chinese New Year. :)

So, mind to share with me your wish for 2009?

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