Monday, March 30, 2009


BLVD or Boulevard is a condominium located near Farlim but not inside Farlim area...

Selling Price of BLVD: RM282,000.00
Extra 1 Car Park Lot: RM24,000.00
Total: RM306,000.00

Assuming the Loan Amount: RM306,000.00
Annual Interest Rate: 5.00%
Term Length: 30 Years

So, monthly repayment to bank will be RM1,642.67

Total Payments after 30 years: RM591,364.56
Total Bank Interest: RM285,364.56
Estimated Last Payment Date: 01/12/2038

Well, imagine the bank earning. I've just made the downpayment for this Boulevard Condominium yesterday (29/03/2009) and estimated project completion date is 2012. Still got 3 years from now...

At least 3 years from now, I can try my best to save the money for the nice, modern and high tech renovation to my very own house... :)

Friday, March 27, 2009

Soursop vs Cancer

Soursop vs Cancer?
Never heard of it, BUT, some scientific proven that soursop is 10,000 times much best than Chemotheraphy, BUT I'm still doubt of it.


Soursop vs Cancer
Mushrooms as Cancer Treatment Self Help
Soursop, Guanabana
Wikipedia - Soursop
Some disadvantages of Soursop
Benefits of Soursop

However, there is another kind of plant which save a number of prostate / stage 4 cancer patients.
Refer to this post below for more information, how to and how much to consume based on different stages of cancer...
Clinathanus aka Sabah Snake Grass

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Penang Tanjung Tokong famous Thai Koay Chap

Visiting a food court at Tanjung Tokong Penang, just beside Petronas Petrol Station. Found out a very nice Thai Koay Chap...

The stall as below,

The Thai Koay Chap,
This Thai Koay Chap is seriously taste nice to me, main reason is because they care using the chicken as the main meat instead of most of the Koay Chap in penang using duck meat...
p/s: photos taken with my 6500 handphone camera, will come to visits this stall again with my DSLR... :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

A wish of Happy Birthday to myself

Wow, seems like I've been long time never update new posts to my blog... Sorry all for waiting for my new post...

As you all know, i've changed my job on early of January, so new company will quite busy for me come to my blog and write something here...
So sorry to Zu Lee (my college best pal), Angie Ong and Cherry (My DSLR Models), Hannee, Clarisa, John, Sian Hwa, and etc... (My ex-collegue) as I'm too busy to post new photos and new post here...

Well, today is my birthday, what am I wish for;
1. Parent's health
2. Own Career / Business
3. Family's healthy

Nothing more to wish for my birthday, just top 3 major wish as above...

As you all know that I've posted an announcement on January,

OK, ladies and gentleman...
Now I present to you...

I'll be getting married soon... :)

Well, nothing much... reason due to i'm getting older and older... at age 33 of me should setup own family already... :)