Monday, March 30, 2009


BLVD or Boulevard is a condominium located near Farlim but not inside Farlim area...

Selling Price of BLVD: RM282,000.00
Extra 1 Car Park Lot: RM24,000.00
Total: RM306,000.00

Assuming the Loan Amount: RM306,000.00
Annual Interest Rate: 5.00%
Term Length: 30 Years

So, monthly repayment to bank will be RM1,642.67

Total Payments after 30 years: RM591,364.56
Total Bank Interest: RM285,364.56
Estimated Last Payment Date: 01/12/2038

Well, imagine the bank earning. I've just made the downpayment for this Boulevard Condominium yesterday (29/03/2009) and estimated project completion date is 2012. Still got 3 years from now...

At least 3 years from now, I can try my best to save the money for the nice, modern and high tech renovation to my very own house... :)


Cla said...

i know the place, just behind BL Avenue.and they have 3 types right? then which type u choose?....btw...don forget me if ur house want to have renovation work... :) :)

Ee Teng said...

Remember ask me for house warming o~
I am looking for upcoming penang apartment project also...So lucky that you have buy unit that you like. Add oil to save more moneysss....

Anonymous said...

if you have extra money for a month, you can always choose to:

1) buy upgrades for your camera so you could use it to earn more in the future.
2) make extra payment to your house loan to shave off some interest to it.

Choices, buddy... choices.

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