Monday, July 13, 2009

Update News!!!

Wah, seems like I've been long time did not post any new post at my own blog. so decided to post 1 today. :)

Erm, there is 2 updated News that I would like to share with you all here:
1. Finally my housing loan approved. and monthly re-payment is around RM1, 300.00 -_-" A LOT MAN!!!
2. My wedding date has been finalized to 13th October 2009.

Haih, but don't know how many friends will be going to attend my wedding... since it is on weekdays. :(

Well, for others thing, life is still go on, work have to be still go on, even though you like it or not. haih....


summerfong said...
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summerfong said...

I'm biomedical science student from P.P oso. I would like2do a research c how true soursop can cure cancer. So, may I know where u get those info?I mean, how to make the drink&so?

If u hv further info on how I can get the plant, mind u email 2 me?tq

Gan Chin Seng said...

Hi SummerFong,

For your information, Soursop can be easily get from Malaysia.

My father who was a cancer patient still drinking the soursop and the results was amazing.

My father had a personal company doctor who have been on check up for my father daily were also surprice by the results that my father had.

1. Soursop is capable of increasing our human body immune system.
2. Soursop leaves is capable of reducing out blood pressure.
3. Making Soursop as a daily pleasant tea can lower down our body clorestrol.

Any more info that you need, please do not hesitate to email me at or MSN or my mobile number at +6012-4283834

By the way, you did not included your email.

honeylemon said...

Hi Gan,

Really long time didnt see you update your blogs.

Congratulate to you! Having 2 great news.