Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Story of 13th/Oct/2009

Hope you all enjoy the story line below... :)

Wake up at 5:30AM, wash up and had some hot drinks and I'm ready after dress up nicely.

A very lovely couple saying Good Morning to all of you :)

This guy never stop eating once reached my place. haha...

Preparing to go out with help from my parent, really thanks a lot for spending all your precious time growing me up. It is my turn to help take care of you all.

"Bye Dad, Bye Mom, I'm going to bring back my wife. hehe. :)"

And way I'm coming... a bit a bit speeding in highway, and also, stopped 2 times while on the way to look for my wife. Probably too nervous. :) just probably... hehehe

Reaching Penang Island, on the way towards the Tecso Penang.

Reach Finally.

Haha, he is shy... lol... hehe... anyway, try spot out a Mitsubishi Evolution 7 at picture above. :) My damn favorite car all the time.

And here I come... :)

Mission Received! :) "Sir Yes Sir, Thank You Sir" "Good Bye Sir" :) hehehehe...

One of the mission given... :) With help from my Heng Dai to accomplish it for me :)

"Madam, Mission Accomplish!!" :)

And finally got my precious... :)

The happy family after reaching back my place. :)

The Group photos of all my best Heng Dai. :)


honeylemon said...

so sweet!.. I like that "I LOVE U" at the green padang.

karyan said...

a very special ever wedding event ever which ive seen so far..congratulations....