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Cancer Healing Recipe by Dr Tateishi Kazu

The Secret of the Gift of Life

Dr. Tateishi Kazu's father and brother both died of cancer, and then he found himself suffering from cancer of the duodenum and spreading. His stomach was removed, but the cancer cells had spread to his lungs. He resolved to fight for his life.

Over twenty years he researched, studied and tested over 1,500 types of herbs and plants. On the basis of general health upkeep, strengthening of the immune system and slowing down of the aging process, he eventually discovered the right combination of ingredients from five kinds of vegetables and formulated a unique healing remedy. It was also experimented on animals where no side effects had been found. The whole of Japan was then shocked and amazed at its proven and incredible results that were not heard of in the medical field.

The Herbal Life-extending Soup

Dr Tateishi Kazu's invention of the vegetable soup had not only saved his own life, but also that of over 25,000 cancer patients in Japan. Its miraculous curing effects on high blood pressure, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, gastric ulcer, constipation, allergies, etc, and the slowing down of the aging process were well reported in the Japanese media and generally accredited.

The Soup Secret

We may not have noticed that a handful of soil exists immeasurable units of microorganism and antibiotic substance that equals the total population of Japan; and in fact antibiotics like penicillin are produced and derived from certain fungi and other organisms in the soil. Vegetables sprouting from this natural and rich soil rely on its billions of microorganisms as nutrients, totally absorb them under the sun, provide the human body with sufficient supply of green chlorophyll, folic acid, iron, phosphorous, calcium, minerals and all kinds of vitamins that are essential to health management. When carefully prepared in the soup, it is capable of boosting the immune system and maintaining an acid-alkaline balance of the human body.

Recipe (2 days' quantity)

Radish ......................16 ounces
Radish leaves ............12 ounces
Carrot .......................10 ounces
Burdock ......................8 ounces
Mushroom ...................3-5 pieces
(Mushrooms have to be sun-dried. If not, expose dried mushrooms to sun again for it to be transformed into Vitamin D)


    • Use fresh vegetables. Don't peel the skin and chop the vegetables into small pieces.
    • Fill a pot with three times the quantity of water as the vegetables.
    • When it comes to boil, reduce the heat and simmer for two hours.
    • Strain and drink as ordinary water intake.
    • Leftover soup can be used as soup base for noodles
    • Vegetable soup or residue after soaking is excellent compost for house plants

Directions for taking Vegetable Soup Packets

Soaking :
Using a stainless steel vacuum flask, soak in 450-600 cc hot water at about 95 degrees C for 45-60 minutes.

Boiling :
Fill a stainless steel or glass container with 800 cc water and bring it to boil. Put in the packet (or it can be put in first thing in cold water), reduce the heat and boil for another 15 minutes.

Special notes

• Always use a heat resistant glassware or stainless steel container for boiling. The vegetable soup composition has very high dissolving power that can dissolve enamel or the non-stick chemical coating of aluminiumwares like fluorothene fibres.

• Do not take the soup together with other drinks, especially high protein substance. Taking brown rice tea or herbal tea at the same time will reduce the healing effect by half.

• Observe an interval of one hour after taking Chinese medicine, and an interval of two hours after taking Western medicine.

• Try to finish the soup in four hours. As the vegetables are organic with no additives, the soup and its residue turns bad easily when soaked for too long.

• Acute kidney disease patients should pay attention to their fluid discharge capacity and adjust the quantity of soup taken.

Suggested consumption

The quantity of intake depends on the condition of individuals and the seriousness of disorder, less for those who are on medication for a long time, especially those having acute symptoms and also eczema. They should also drink more slowly.

2 packets for those with cold type physique, having the following characteristics:

• Declined metabolism and body resistance
• Low body temperature, with icy hands and feet
• Pale complexion and aversion to cold
• Physically weak and in low spirits
• Frequent diarrhoea
• Crave for hot drinks, ample and light-coloured urine
• Delayed menstruation
• Furred tongue

1 – 2 packets for those of the deficiency type, with the following characteristics:

• Constant cold sweat especially during sleep
• Lack of vitality and vigour, declined body resistance and immunity
• Pale complexion and lacking in strength

2 packets for those of the excess type physique with the following characteristics:

• Detoxification deficiency resulting in constipation and problems in fluid discharge
• Retention of heat and wastes in internal organs
• Sufficient body resistance and anti-bodies
• Physically strong with no sweat
• Shortened menstrual cycle and scanty discharge
• Flushed face and congested eyes

3 packets for those of the dryness-heat type with the following characteristics:

• Lack of body fluid, excessive thirst, dark urine
• Shortened menstrual cycle and scanty discharge
• Constant constipation, foul breath, reddened tongue and dried lips
• Flushed cheeks, congested eyes, body easily flared up and get inflamed, developing acnes

Some possible “getting-well” temporary reactions

After taking it for a few days, this soup prepared from only five kinds of vegetables will have different effects on individuals, but these reactions are much milder than actual physical disorders and are only temporary. The formula is basically working on our different internal mal-functions and toxins, some we may not even be aware of, and those with more problems will have more instant and longer reactions on the particular problem areas. These will be normal detoxification effects like itchy skin or eczema and increased frequency of bowel movements, etc. Varying with different toxins in different individuals, the following conditions may be felt.

        • More instant and intense reactions for those with more problems
        • Reactions less noticeable and in stages for the less focused
        • Seemingly no reactions for those who are in better health and with better adaptability
        • More vigorous reactions for the weak and feeble

Whatever the reactions, it is recommended to continue normal consumption, and the reactions will ease out in a short period of time.

The health of modern man is under constant threat of air and water pollutions, chemical additives and preservatives in food and agricultural products and all kinds of environment toxins. Our body becomes more acidic, and the very precious inborn immune system is declining. To avoid developing chronic diseases and cancer, our body need to be properly cleansed and maintained.

“Getting-well reactions” are normal detoxification effects in accelerating body cell activities, enhancing metabolism and strengthening of the immune system, building up stronger body resistance. When these effects are felt, our detoxification system is awakened and activated; this shows the progress of healing, and the more vigorous they are, the more toxic our body is that need proper care and management.

Nutritional value of the five vegetables


Radish is very rich in vitamin C, ten times more than that in pears and apples. It also has plenty of digestive enzymes, particularly of starchy foods, that help mend the stomach membrane, improve the secretion of digestive liquids and promotes energy circulation, preventing gastritis, ulcer in the stomach and excess of hydrochloric acid in gastric juice. It also has anti-cancer properties INDD that checks the growth of cancer cells and dissolves ammonium nitrate that is cancer causing.

Radish leaves

The abundance of nutrients found in radish leaves is amazing. It has three times as much Vitamin A as that in livers and eels, 60% more of Vitamin B1 than that in fermented soybeans, two times as much Vitamin B2 as that in cow's milk. It is extremely rich in iron and is an ideal food for nourishing blood. Radish leaves are the richest in Vitamin C, two and a half times as that in tangerines, four times as that in spinach, so discarding the leaves when eating the radish is really a waste. Radish leaves have a slightly pungent but pleasant and smooth taste. It is a very nutritious green-leaf vegetable that maintains a balance with the properties of the other part of the same plant: the edible part of the radish root. The special quality of the radish root and its leaves is another wonder and mystery of nature.


Carrot is rich in Beta Carotene, a very strong antioxidant, and other minerals that are easily absorbed by the human body. The body changes Beta Carotene into Vitamin A, which is important in strengthening the immune system and promoting healthy cell growth. It is also rich in lignin and INDD that help fight cancer and boost up two to three times the human immunity.


Mushrooms are rich in dietary fibres, and minerals like potassium, iron, etc. It is high in B vitamins and ergosterol that will be converted to Vitamin D in the presence of sunlight, which is essential for utilization of calcium. Mushroom has a polysaccharide compound called lentinan which helps produce T-cells to destroy bacteria and viruses and has anti-cancer, anti-tumor effects, strengthening the immune system and fighting disease-causing organisms. Zinc and selenium in mushrooms also activate thymus in the chest that helps in T-cell production. Amino acids in mushrooms are also effective for liver diseases.


Dietary fibre in burdock is the richest among all root vegetables, which is best for prevention of diseases of the large intestine. It is also rich in minerals like potassium, magnesium, phosphorous, iron, calcium, etc. There is equal proportion of soluble and insoluble fibres that stimulate lactic acids, improve constipation and the discharge of cholesterols. It also enhances blood circulation, relieves internal wind and heat, clearing the lung and diminishing eczema, edema and body toxins, preventing cancer and arteriosclerosis. Its iron content makes it a good food supplement for ladies for skin-care purposes.


The vegetable soup is not a magic potion, and medical consultation

is necessary in times of disease. But as the vegetable soup is rich

in nutrients, vitamins and minerals, and through Dr Tateishi Kazu's

untiring and careful researches and experiments in formulating the

soup formula, we firmly believe that it is helpful to our body cell

refurbishment, especially chronic diseases caused by unhealthy and

unbalanced diets. Take it twice daily for a cycle of seven days to

one month and observe the effects of this most natural, inexpensive

and healthy drink that we most sincerely recommend to you. If you

use this remedy regularly you are less likely to be sick.

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