Thursday, March 18, 2010

YC Belated Birthday Celebration Dinner

Yah Ching (Elaine's ex-colleague) belated birthday celebration dinner at @the Sun. Thanks a lot of the organizer who putting all of us together, even-though all of us hardly to decide where to dinner :)

While waiting for the food, manage to capture few photos... :)

YC Sleepy face... :)

One of the starter, salad with cute little octopus
Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you the main course...
1. Salmon Main Dish

2. Black Pepper Chicken

3. Black Pepper Lamb Chop
4. My ordered main dish - Swordfish, (p/s: not sausage, Yah Ching Heard Yih Yong said is sausage) haha...

And now, Dessert Time!!

Thanks a lot to the waiter who serving us a nice food and also allowing me to capture photos of the restaurant.
Yah Ching and Elaine in action....
Group Photos 1
Group Photos 2
and lastly, my wife and me in front of the restaurant...
A memorial statue of a very famous patriotic in China, Sun Yat-Sen

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Birthday Wish

My 2010 Birthday Wish:
1. Best of the Best to my most admire person in the world. Best Health, Best Wealth to my father.
2. Best Health for my Father, Mother, Sister and Brother, also my very own family, Elaine and Carine.
3. "Soon Soon Li Li" for my career and business.
4. Best Luck for all my family, relatives and friends.
5. Best Wealth for year 2010.
6. Best Investment Return

Am I too greedy? :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Why? Why? Tell Me Why???

Why? Why my nightmare came back to me AGAIN!?

What else I can do for my most respect?
Please, dear god, please.... please don't take him away from me... I need him sooooooo much.... !!!

There are still alot of things we need to do together.
- Setup own family business
- Fishing together with his very own grandchild
- Travelling with whole family and many many many many many many more...

Please, please don't take him away... please....... I beg you dear god... please.... :(