Sunday, March 14, 2010

Birthday Wish

My 2010 Birthday Wish:
1. Best of the Best to my most admire person in the world. Best Health, Best Wealth to my father.
2. Best Health for my Father, Mother, Sister and Brother, also my very own family, Elaine and Carine.
3. "Soon Soon Li Li" for my career and business.
4. Best Luck for all my family, relatives and friends.
5. Best Wealth for year 2010.
6. Best Investment Return

Am I too greedy? :)


honeylemon said...

你的梦想一定成真!!! 加油!

Cla said...

all the best!!!!!

Kaname x said...

Hi there,

I have read your comment over on eof the random post of soursop. My grandma was diagnosed with breast cancer and I live in Malaysia. I can't seem to get the fruits in Kuantan, where I live currently. You told us the ur father drank the soupsop leaf tea and he was feeling better due to that. Can you tell me how to get those as well?

Please email me details to my email, asap. Thanks!

Gan Chin Seng said...

Reply Kaname X,

I've droped you email. :)