Thursday, March 18, 2010

YC Belated Birthday Celebration Dinner

Yah Ching (Elaine's ex-colleague) belated birthday celebration dinner at @the Sun. Thanks a lot of the organizer who putting all of us together, even-though all of us hardly to decide where to dinner :)

While waiting for the food, manage to capture few photos... :)

YC Sleepy face... :)

One of the starter, salad with cute little octopus
Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you the main course...
1. Salmon Main Dish

2. Black Pepper Chicken

3. Black Pepper Lamb Chop
4. My ordered main dish - Swordfish, (p/s: not sausage, Yah Ching Heard Yih Yong said is sausage) haha...

And now, Dessert Time!!

Thanks a lot to the waiter who serving us a nice food and also allowing me to capture photos of the restaurant.
Yah Ching and Elaine in action....
Group Photos 1
Group Photos 2
and lastly, my wife and me in front of the restaurant...
A memorial statue of a very famous patriotic in China, Sun Yat-Sen


HC TAN said...

where is it?Penang?

Gan Chin Seng said...

Yup... Penang Island... :)
Next time bring you there, but you treat me... kakakaka