Tuesday, April 13, 2010

憂遁草, 黑面将军, 巴东片

I received someone's call on Soursop vs Cancer. However, not most of the Soursop species can be used for Cancer prevention.

But, would like to introduce another natural methods as below;
1. 憂遁草, (picture 1)
2. 黑面将军, (picture 2)
3. 巴东片 (Mostly can get it from Chinese Medical Hall)

How to prepare:
1. 30 Leafs of 憂遁草
2. 3 Leafs of 黑面将军
3. Some 巴东片
4. Blend all together with some water.
5. Drinks it daily, with at least 3 times per day.

Another simple way to prepare:
1. 30 Leafs of 憂遁草
2. 1 Green apple
3. Blend all together and drink it daily.

However, I've search from the Internet about this 憂遁草 and 黑面将军, correct me if I'm wrong about the picture.



Above Picture is captured by my mom and my Yi Yi, note that Big Leaf is the 黑面将军 and the small leaf is 憂遁草 Thanks alot to them for spending some time capturing the picture.


Sueozana said...

Dear Gan,
Thank you very much for the speedy answer to my email. It's full of information n I really appreciate it.

I pray to God for your father's recovery.. May he leads happy life surrounding by family who love him. God bless him. Regards.

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