Thursday, June 3, 2010

HID Products


Am distributing and selling HID products online at a cheap price, specification as below:
1. Color Temp: 4300K - 25000K
2. Types:
- Single Beam (H1,H3,H4,H7,H11,9004, HB3,HB4, 9005,D2 series)
- Mix Type (one halogen ,one xenon)h4-2,h13-2,9004-2
- Hi/Lo(bi-xenon) H4-3,H13-3,9004-3,9007-3
- Duble-xenon (two xenon bulb)
3. Available for 35w, 45w, 50w, 55w.
4. Standard Ballast Design or Slim Ballast Design
5. Warranty up to 18 months
6. Payment Methods: PayPal

Get to me now, for best price.
COD Location: Penang, Perak

P/S: also selling, Card DVD, LED and many more.