Sunday, September 12, 2010

Langkawi Trip with my Brothers (Day 1)

Touch Down on Jetty Point at 11:30AM

(From Left) Chong, Jian and Woei

After checked in to our resort, first place to go is here.

Jian Ask: "Woei, you sudah potong?", Woei Reply: "Belum", Chong monitoring Jian.

Chong in the Mazda Premacy

As Chong requested...

Going to beach side at around 6PM, once reach there, the nice view of sunset welcome us.

Picture above was taken around 7:20PM

The 2 Aunties :P

Beach Uncle? or Crazy Uncle?

Ordering our food, all were hungry until don't know what to order. Oh ya, we brought 2 wines from the Duty Free Shop. Having our nice Buddy Dinner with the Wines. :)

5 Glasses of Wines while waiting for our food to be served.

Tang Tang Tang!!! Our first food is served. The Prawn.

Followed by Tom Yam Soup.

Then, the Vege.

Captured while we are still waiting for others food to be served.

Deng, Deng, Deng!!! Our main course of the night!! Kingdom of Lobster!

Steamed Siakap Fish

This is highly recommended, very nice.

Woei is serving the Tom Yam Soup for all of the Godzilla King and Queen. XD

And finally, see what happened to the food when 4 King Godzilla and 2 Queen Godzilla + 1 Baby Godzilla (inside Sheau Ing Tummy) did to the food.

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