Thursday, December 23, 2010

爸,一路好走. 安心吧!


Daddy, I know you also very sad to leave us. This same as all of us here.
But don't you worry, we will be happy as you wish, and we all also want you as happy as before too.

I still remember last time when I'm a kids and I'm very sick. It was raining heavily that time.
Things that I've done since I was a kid, I know that really makes you very upset and dissapointed to me.
From that day onwards, I promise myself, I won't let you dissapointed anymore.

If someone ask me, "Who is my father? How good is your father?" I will proudly reply them, "My father name Gan Khang Hong and I am so damn proud to be one of his son. Never regret a single day to be his son. Wishing to be his son again in the afterlife."

It's been a week since he is gone, I'm so wish to see him in the dreams, wanted very much to meet him and hear his voice. Don't know how is he now at there?

Daddy, I'm not sure will you be able to see this or not, I want to say I Love You, Thank You Very Much for taking care of me.

我们, 珍莉,振章和我,从不后悔做您的儿子。还有您的乖孙女,我相信她也不后悔。


I'll be waiting everynight, wait until you came and meet up with me.
Daddy, I'm so wish to see you again, I'm so wish to talk to you again.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Final Decision

I've made a Very Tough Decision today, and I still doubt it. :'(
1. To Continue, will makes everyone suffer including him. :'(
2. To Discountinue, makes me damn much suffer than anyone else, I've cried for this decision I made. I know he doesn't want all of us so sad, that is why I choose to Discountinue, and let him go back home so that everyone of us can accompany him for the last trip of his life. :'(

I choose number 2 :'( and I still doubt. Did I made the wrong decision? I was thinking to ask everyone's opinions, that, I will bring him back home, then we all together having a nice and peaceful dinner with him.

Can someone tell me? Did I really made the wrong decision? Or should I wait for miracle? :'(
For this decision, I've cried. I know for this decision, everyone will be blame me. :'(

What should I do? :'(