Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Final Decision

I've made a Very Tough Decision today, and I still doubt it. :'(
1. To Continue, will makes everyone suffer including him. :'(
2. To Discountinue, makes me damn much suffer than anyone else, I've cried for this decision I made. I know he doesn't want all of us so sad, that is why I choose to Discountinue, and let him go back home so that everyone of us can accompany him for the last trip of his life. :'(

I choose number 2 :'( and I still doubt. Did I made the wrong decision? I was thinking to ask everyone's opinions, that, I will bring him back home, then we all together having a nice and peaceful dinner with him.

Can someone tell me? Did I really made the wrong decision? Or should I wait for miracle? :'(
For this decision, I've cried. I know for this decision, everyone will be blame me. :'(

What should I do? :'(

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