Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Sabah Snake Grass Case Study Con't

Found a link from youtube posted by kazumi1989 regarding Sabah Snake Grass case study.
It is a good reference for everyone.

Case 1:

Case 2:

Case 3:

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lesson Learn from Cancer Patients

I learn a little bit from those Cancer Patients, from Just Diagnose with Cancer up until Final Stage Cancer Patients. I notice 1 thing from them all.

Chemotheraphy is a very dangerous treatment to go for those Cancer Patients.

My opinion on this.
If a normal patients just diagnose with Cancer, do not ever direct go for Chemo Treatment. Seek others treatment such as Radiotheraphy and etc. But I personally advise to seek for alternatives medicine such as Sabah Snake Grass, Cancer Superstar/Pecah Beling, Enzyme from fruits. and etc.

If doctor officially announced to you that you are Cancer Patient Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3 (Starting Level). Try ask your doctor if those alternatives medicine or herbs are suitable for you.

Stage 3 (Mid Level) and above, I would suggest that you go for suitable treatment in order to stabilized the the cancer from spreading also, if your doctor is OK for you to take alternatives herbs at the same time you are doing Chemo Treatment, go for it. Don't ever hesitate on it.

Recently I learn a case from my family in law, initially diagnose with Stage 3 Cancer with only 2 spots in the Liver. However, the first Chemo Drug were given and conditions were worsen until doctor announced it has gone beyond the stage 3. I'm wondering, why can't the doctor give others advise? Such as go for alternatives medicine or herbs. It is the only treatment for cancer patients is Chemo, Radiation? No others treatment available? Or, could it be that the Doctor wish to earn more money from Chemo rather than advising the patients to go for alternatives medicine or herbs?

However, I know the feeling of a Cancer Patient. They have to mentally and physically stronger than normal human. It is not a easy nor relax day for those Cancer Patients, as they have to get a very big supports from their family and friends. Let them know at least it is not end of the world, at least they still have their loves one be along with them, at least the time still running.

For me, supports from the family and friends has been a very big appreciation to me because they are the reason I keep on running, they are the reason I keep on fighting, they are the reason why I'm still breathing. No doubt, it is a painful experiences for all, but at least this shows to you who are actually caring you. Be note, the whole world are actually caring of you. That's why, the Oncologist Scientist still keeps on looking for the cure to cure the cancer patients around the world.

Diagnose with cancer is nothing important that having your great time with your loves one. I'm pretty sure, nowadays, most human being keeps on working and working and working until they don't even have the time to accompany their loves one. Some times, you have to let go your job and be with your family at least once a week. Bring them for jogging, bring them to watch movie, bring them for picnic and etc.

I've been asking alot of people including myself, why 20 years back the people can lives over 100 years without any health problem? Why last time so little news about Cancer but now, seems like a very common things happened to people around you?

Let me answer you, simple! This is all because, 20 years back, people does not have much entertainment as what we have now! 20 years back, people are much care of their family than their job! The people 20 years back, after work they are totally letting down their work and go back home to accompany their loves one. Unlike the people nowadays, even after back home, they still can work after a quick dinner and work until mid night. Do you all think this is a good life?

20 years back, people are sleeping at 10PM (Most Late!) and wake up at 6AM. But now? even it is 2AM, you still can see people hanging around the Mamak Stall, Pub and Bistro, Disco, and etc.

No doubt, life changes us. The society nowadays changed and we have to follow the changed in order for us to keep on the track. People are much even hardworking than those 20 years back. People are earning much more than those 20 years back. Life style sometimes changed us which makes us forgotten the important of our health.

BUT, 20 years back, the people are selling items with their true heart. 20 years now, the people are selling items with their money heard to gain more money ONLY. Take an example, like the Infant Milks happened, The fake eggs, the fake sharkfin, the fake birdnest, problematic's foods and etc.

Why is this happening? We all are human, we all are same. Why they want to kill each other? Could this be the reason that the mothernature could not stand and watch the human keeps on killing each other and this causes the Tsunami? Earth Quake? and many more?

OK, have to stop here for now. I know have written until out of the topic. But all I'm sharing here is from my own heart, my own opinion. It is been always as easy as 123, just the way you think of it.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sabah Snake Grass / Clinathanus - Contact Information

1. Northern Region - 
          - CSGan 0124283834
          - sk_choy (Chinese Cari Forum Member) 0124285479
2. Central Region - 
          - Persatuan Pengkaji Herba Tradisi (Negeri Sembilan)
          - Mr Chee 
          - Mr Foo EK - Klang 0163143785
          - Chong Ooi Cheng - Puchong or 0124888138
3. Southern Region - Ms Kallee
4. Sabah Region - Mr Jeffrey 0198114781

1. Distibutor located at China Town Herbal store B1-161 (牛车水草药专卖店) , 
    contact: 65-9435084,65-62226156. stock reservation is required.
2. Hua Hng Trading Co Pte Ltd
     Add: 15 Bah Soon Pah Rd (near Yishun)
     Tel: 62573259 / 67520500
3. Oh Chin Huat Hydroponic Farms
     Add: Bah Soon Pah Rd 14A
     Tel: 98518913 (Ai Ling)
4. Alwyn Tan
      Tel: (65) 9007 2713

Appreciate more and more contacts information if you have this grass and willing to shared. :)

Best Regards,

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sabah Snake Grass / Clinathanus - Case Study

Case Study :
1. Kidney Failure - Wong Teck Gee 63 suffer kidney failure, consume Sabah Snake Grass / Clinathanus and lived to tell us his story.

2. 黄秀琴 from Singapore, she recovered rapidly after consume Sabah Snake Grass. She can be contacted at +65XXX69127.

3. Stage 4 Cancer from Penang, which spread almost to all of body including limp nodes. After consuming SSG and mushroom enzyme, her condition improved significantly. 2 Months back before consuming the SSG, many parts of her body swell due to cancer cells spread all over her body. But now. not anymore.

p/s: I will keeps on update the Case Study. Would appreciate all to shared with me any case study about this Clinathanus.

Friday, April 29, 2011

优遁草 / 黑面將軍, Drooping Clinacanthus / Cancer Superstar, Pecah Beling

I get to read from a website regarding this Drooping Clinacanthus / Cancer Superstar, Pecah Beling.
So, it is good to share with all those who are looking for this plant.

优遁草 / 黑面將軍, Drooping Clinacanthus / Cancer Superstar, Pecah Beling

优遁草/Drooping Clinacanthus - Inflammation of liver and caused jaundice,bones fracture anti-cancer
黑面將軍/Cancer Superstar, Pecah Beling Anti-breast cancer,reproductory organs,cancer,skin disease

A very big credit to Yik Poh Ling

p/s: Please note that, I'm TOTALLY does not own this company / herbal garden. I got no any relationship with anyone who work with this Herbal Garden. I'm sharing this, purely to help for those who are looking for this plant urgently. 

优遁草 Drooping Clinacanthus

I get a lot of request from those who are looking for this plant.
Those who are looking for this plant urgently and willing to pay. 
You can visit the Herbal Garden as Rosie from KL (who contacted me for the Clinacanthus plant previously) said that she found this Herbal Garden which selling this plant. 

Herbal Garden Name:


Jalan, Pantai Batu 7, 71700 Pantai, Seremban, Negeri Sembilan

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Re-Planting 优顿草/Clinathanus/Sabah Snake Grass Day 5

Day 5 after re-planting of SSG. Note on the RED Circle on the picture, you will notice the small tiny little leaves is growing out of the branches I planted 5 days ago. 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tips On Re-Planting 憂遁草or优顿草/Clinathanus/Sabah Snake Grass

Due to high volume of request, the plant that I have is currently running low. 
To those who wish to get this plant from me and RE-SELL it to others people. I'm willing to sell it at RM30,000 Per 100 Grams. 

Tips on how to re-plant SSG or Clinathanus.
- Cutting the branch into about 7CM - 9CM long.
- Both of the branch side should be in clean or sharp shape.
- Plant it into a vase first.
- (Optional) Move it into the ground when it grows about 7 - 8 Inches in height with leaves.
- Make sure suitable soil in order for the plant to grow faster and healthy.
- Remember to pour waters at least twice a day (sufficient amount only).
- You will see the plant re-grow the leaves only after about 5-7 days time.


Monday, April 11, 2011

憂遁草or优顿草/Clinathanus/Sabah Snake Grass

I received tremendous request on the plants after I posted 2 days ago.
However, I hope that my plants are sufficient enough to supply to you all.

Would very appreciate if someone can helps each others for those who really needs it. Especially for those not in the area which I can direct meet up.

Those overseas, I will try my best to ask from Courier Service Provider see if I can post mail to your country.
Below link I quoted from Kwong Wah Online News Paper regarding the story and news of Clinathanus or Sabah Snake Grass.

Quoted from Kwong Wah Online News Paper

Helping others cancer patients who really needs it. I will not sell it, and also hoping that others DOES NOT SELL the plant I gave to you to others just to make extra money.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

优顿草/Clinathanus/Sabah Snake Grass - 癌患救星?

The news was published on 4/5 & 4/6 @ Guang Ming Daily. The plant is available at Penang Snake Temple, Ayer Item Market,  BM Desa Rambai Market etc. More details pls refer to the newspaper

优顿草 or Sabah Snake Grass saved quite a number of Cancer patients. Comparing to Soursop, it seems like this Sabah Snake Grass having much effect than the Soursop. But I'm still doubt of it. Am looking for more evidents and proofs for this. Welcome all cancer survivors whom have consume this grass before and healed. 

Below article quoted from a forwarded email to me. 

Good News!!!
Recently, I met a man who had Lymphatic Cancer - Stage 4 with 123 lymph nodes affected. His cancer started in March 2008.

Affected parts: 1st: Right lung, 2nd: Left lung, 3rd: Groin, 4th: Eye and 5th Mouth.
After 9 chemo therapies he stopped the treatment on 10/11/2008 because 5 specialists said he can only survive for 3 months. Today, after more than 2 years, he has recovered and is still living. Thanks to the Sabah Snake Grass (Clinacanthus) which he planted outside his house.
He blended the leaves with green apple (minus skin and seeds) and drank them after breakfast everyday.

After 3 days, 6 tumours disappeared.
After 13 days, he went for a blood test.The oncologist said that he was 96% cured.

So far more than 200 people who had taken the herbs showed improvement.

Case 1) Man - age 54
             Lung Cancer: 3rd stage.
            Chemothrapy 6 times
            Tumour before taking Sabah Snake Grass 29mm, 44mm, 76mm
            Tumour two weeks after taking Sabah Snake Grass
            reduced to 20mm, 27mm, 67mm respectively

Case 2) Woman
             Uterus cancer – tumour size 6cm
             Scheduled for surgery. After taking SSG, reduced to 3.5cm.
             Doctor said no need to operate 
             Continue taking the SSG, the tumour disappeared.

Case 3) Man
            Prostate Cancer
            After taking SSG for 11 days, the tumour disappeared.

Case 4) Woman from KL
             Breast and Lung Cancer
             Both breasts removed - 4 stage. Very weak, cannot eat,
             on drip and lying in hospital.
             Family member poured SSG juice into her mouth through tube.
             After a few days, could eat and was discharged.
            28 days later was all tumours disappeared.

Case 5) Woman from Taiping
             Breast Cancer
            After taking SSG for 3 days, the wound dried up.

Case 6) Leukemia Patients
            So far 4 cases have been cured after drinking SSG juice.
            They also drank juice from 3 leaves of Guo Sai Por
            (Ti Tham Tou) once per week.

Case 7) Dialysis Patients
             After taking SSG for 10 days, stopped going for dialysis

Case 8) Patients with High Cholesterol, High Blood, High Uric Acid
             and Diabetes
             After taking SSG, the conditions improved.


Suggestion of Consuming Clinathanus/Sabah Snake Grass
Number of leaves used for treatment for Cancer:
Stage 1 : 30 leaves everyday
Stage 2 : 50 leaves everyday
Stage 3 : 100 leaves everyday
Stage 4 : 150 – 200 leaves everyday
When the patients get better, reduce the number of leaves.

Direction for juicing SSG
a) Pour half cup of clean water in a blender
b) Add 1 or 2 ice cubes to prevent heating during blending
c) Add 1 quarter of lemon or half a lime juice (provide Vitamin C and prevent oxidization )
d) Wash the required fresh SSG leaves and put them into the blender
e) Peel a green apple and remove the core/seeds
f ) Cut the apple into 8 pieces
g) Put in the pieces of apple
h) Blend and drink immediately or within 5 minutes. (consume daily)
I ) If your body is "cooling" add a few slices of ginger or drink warming herbs

Food to avoid : Sugar and products made with sugar, honey, kembong fish, ray fish, 7 angled-fish, chicken meat, duck meat, yam, glutenous rice, margarine, durians, bird nest, ginseng and other rejuvenating herbs.

Besides SSG, papaya, apricot seeds, lemon grass and many types of fresh raw vegetable and fruit juices can also be used for treating cancer.

Those who wish to get this plant can contact me as I have it planted at my garden. I can give you a branch of this plant free. 

Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's Day

爸, today is April Fool's Day. How is your life there? Is been so long we haven't sit down and chat. I miss the time you

give opinions and advices to me when I'm having problems or difficulty on certain things.

Carine very naughty and playful. She now can crawl to me and disturb while I'm work at home. When I look at her, she

crawl as fast as possible to her mom and laugh. Haha.
I know daddy you can see her playing, I still need your help to look after her when I'm not around because sometimes,

I'm outstation for business trip.

I still remember the words you told me, it just like you are talking to me yesterday. Eventhough you left us, but all

the precious and memorable memory are still in all of our heart, including you Africa's colleugues. All of them are so

kind. I get to know Richardin and Perloth through the email I created to you long time ago.

My work load has become more and more heavy with a lot of projects running at the same time. We spend most of our time

at work and less time with our precious one. Just like you when you are sacrificing your precious time with all of us

and work at Africa just for us so that we can have a better life.

Don't worry daddy, I will give my best effort and advices to my children as you gave to me. I remember you said, as long as we keep the best effort to our children, Gan Family will become something in the future.

OK, have to stop here now. I miss you daddy. I miss you a lot.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

His Memory Part 4

Night before my sister's wedding. He is preparing for the prayer. 

The next morning, my sister with my parent.

Our beloved family photos.

He is playing with his little Carine. We are having our family lunch all together.

Monday, March 14, 2011

My 2011 Birthday Wish

Yes, is my birthday today, but I'm busy with my work. Nothing much I wish for this year due to my beloved father has gone to a far far place. But I'm sure he is always there for me. Daddy, I can hear your birthday wish. Thank you very very much for the wish.

I wish all the best of the best to all in the world including those in Japan due to 8.9 quake and Tsunami. Be strong, be very strong.

As for my family, all the best of health, wealth, and the very best. Wishing all the best in work for my Heng Dai and all my friends. :)

The most I'm wishing is, my father. Daddy, I wish that you are in the best of the best at there. I will miss you very much.

Monday, March 7, 2011

His Memory Part 3

There goes, your little cute, naughty, playful and cleverest grandchild.
At least, you have hold her before, at least you see her growing, at least you can see how cute is she.

I'm very sure, she will miss you very much. She will miss your touch, your voice and your "Hi Hi Hi" to her. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

His Memory Part 2

The night before my wedding actual day. Having a pre-wedding dinner with relatives and friends. After that we are busy for our traditional prayer.

Helps from my relatives on setting up the prayer ceremony. 

Luckily my relatives are very helping my father. 

My father and my mother. 

They kneel to the god of mercy. 

Ah, there is me. 

My father hand over the josstick for praying. 

And I bowed to the god of mercy

I'm so happy to see my parent's smile. 

Praying and kneel to our ancestors. 

After the praying ceremony, my turn to kneel and bowed to my parent who raise me up, taking good care of me.  I will always know how you all raise me and grow me up. Even I kneel and bowed forever of my life, I also can't repay to you all. 

To my father, 

I'm so happy to be your son. I accomplish my duty as eldest in the family. At least you be able to see all your children growing up healthy, getting married and having own family life. 

I owe you too much, did you remember how Mom and you taking good care of me when I'm a child?

To Be Continue... 

Thursday, February 24, 2011

His Memory Part 1

During his service at Congo Africa with his colleagues. Preparing for a VIP visits.

First time diagnose with the bloody sickness, but at least can have some previous time with his love ones.

He attended my ROM after doctor confirm his body is clear when the bloody sickness strike on him.
I want to tell you: "Daddy, I've made my promise to you as eldest in the family. At least you able to see your own children growing, getting married. So don't ever give up yet. "

To Lovely Daddy:
Daddy, how are you there? I'm missing you everyday, everynight, everytime. 
Have you came back to visit us? I got bring Carine back Tpg home, did you see how naughty is she? 

It's been a while since you left us, we all very fine here. You must take very good care of yourself at there OK? Got free time, come and visit us, see Carine and also Chen Li's baby, when she is delivered I will inform you, so don't worry. 

Daddy, I got so many things want to tell you, want to discuss with you. Can you visit me at my dream?
Last week went to see my house, it's been 60% completed. When I moved in, I will let you know so that you could come and visit. 

Carine been very naughty this few days, will keeps on snapping photos of her and if possible send to you, if you could let me know your email address there :) She got 2 new teeth growing on the upper side of her mouth. On the night of 8th day of Chinese New Year, I did not go back home because the next day I got to work. So I spend my very first time of 8th Night Celebration at Pg. Your Carine sleep like a pig, even with those big and loud firecrackers sound surrounding her. Haha, you can imagine that. 

Well, OK Daddy, do take very good care of yourself there. We all will be missing you very very much including your Africa's colleagues. They are very kind and nice. 

Hurrrmm, how come I write above sentences just like when I write up and email to him last time?? 
But anyhow, I'm really really miss you.