Thursday, February 24, 2011

His Memory Part 1

During his service at Congo Africa with his colleagues. Preparing for a VIP visits.

First time diagnose with the bloody sickness, but at least can have some previous time with his love ones.

He attended my ROM after doctor confirm his body is clear when the bloody sickness strike on him.
I want to tell you: "Daddy, I've made my promise to you as eldest in the family. At least you able to see your own children growing, getting married. So don't ever give up yet. "

To Lovely Daddy:
Daddy, how are you there? I'm missing you everyday, everynight, everytime. 
Have you came back to visit us? I got bring Carine back Tpg home, did you see how naughty is she? 

It's been a while since you left us, we all very fine here. You must take very good care of yourself at there OK? Got free time, come and visit us, see Carine and also Chen Li's baby, when she is delivered I will inform you, so don't worry. 

Daddy, I got so many things want to tell you, want to discuss with you. Can you visit me at my dream?
Last week went to see my house, it's been 60% completed. When I moved in, I will let you know so that you could come and visit. 

Carine been very naughty this few days, will keeps on snapping photos of her and if possible send to you, if you could let me know your email address there :) She got 2 new teeth growing on the upper side of her mouth. On the night of 8th day of Chinese New Year, I did not go back home because the next day I got to work. So I spend my very first time of 8th Night Celebration at Pg. Your Carine sleep like a pig, even with those big and loud firecrackers sound surrounding her. Haha, you can imagine that. 

Well, OK Daddy, do take very good care of yourself there. We all will be missing you very very much including your Africa's colleagues. They are very kind and nice. 

Hurrrmm, how come I write above sentences just like when I write up and email to him last time?? 
But anyhow, I'm really really miss you. 

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Miko Lee said...

ryinij helatioHi Chin SEng

You look quite 'liang chai' in yr red chinese wedding suit.

Your little princess is cute. My big princess.. she is going to be 18 soon.. is quite a handful. We let her have too much freedom...sigh