Saturday, March 19, 2011

His Memory Part 4

Night before my sister's wedding. He is preparing for the prayer. 

The next morning, my sister with my parent.

Our beloved family photos.

He is playing with his little Carine. We are having our family lunch all together.

Monday, March 14, 2011

My 2011 Birthday Wish

Yes, is my birthday today, but I'm busy with my work. Nothing much I wish for this year due to my beloved father has gone to a far far place. But I'm sure he is always there for me. Daddy, I can hear your birthday wish. Thank you very very much for the wish.

I wish all the best of the best to all in the world including those in Japan due to 8.9 quake and Tsunami. Be strong, be very strong.

As for my family, all the best of health, wealth, and the very best. Wishing all the best in work for my Heng Dai and all my friends. :)

The most I'm wishing is, my father. Daddy, I wish that you are in the best of the best at there. I will miss you very much.

Monday, March 7, 2011

His Memory Part 3

There goes, your little cute, naughty, playful and cleverest grandchild.
At least, you have hold her before, at least you see her growing, at least you can see how cute is she.

I'm very sure, she will miss you very much. She will miss your touch, your voice and your "Hi Hi Hi" to her. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

His Memory Part 2

The night before my wedding actual day. Having a pre-wedding dinner with relatives and friends. After that we are busy for our traditional prayer.

Helps from my relatives on setting up the prayer ceremony. 

Luckily my relatives are very helping my father. 

My father and my mother. 

They kneel to the god of mercy. 

Ah, there is me. 

My father hand over the josstick for praying. 

And I bowed to the god of mercy

I'm so happy to see my parent's smile. 

Praying and kneel to our ancestors. 

After the praying ceremony, my turn to kneel and bowed to my parent who raise me up, taking good care of me.  I will always know how you all raise me and grow me up. Even I kneel and bowed forever of my life, I also can't repay to you all. 

To my father, 

I'm so happy to be your son. I accomplish my duty as eldest in the family. At least you be able to see all your children growing up healthy, getting married and having own family life. 

I owe you too much, did you remember how Mom and you taking good care of me when I'm a child?

To Be Continue...