Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's Day

爸, today is April Fool's Day. How is your life there? Is been so long we haven't sit down and chat. I miss the time you

give opinions and advices to me when I'm having problems or difficulty on certain things.

Carine very naughty and playful. She now can crawl to me and disturb while I'm work at home. When I look at her, she

crawl as fast as possible to her mom and laugh. Haha.
I know daddy you can see her playing, I still need your help to look after her when I'm not around because sometimes,

I'm outstation for business trip.

I still remember the words you told me, it just like you are talking to me yesterday. Eventhough you left us, but all

the precious and memorable memory are still in all of our heart, including you Africa's colleugues. All of them are so

kind. I get to know Richardin and Perloth through the email I created to you long time ago.

My work load has become more and more heavy with a lot of projects running at the same time. We spend most of our time

at work and less time with our precious one. Just like you when you are sacrificing your precious time with all of us

and work at Africa just for us so that we can have a better life.

Don't worry daddy, I will give my best effort and advices to my children as you gave to me. I remember you said, as long as we keep the best effort to our children, Gan Family will become something in the future.

OK, have to stop here now. I miss you daddy. I miss you a lot.

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