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优顿草/Clinathanus/Sabah Snake Grass - 癌患救星?

The news was published on 4/5 & 4/6 @ Guang Ming Daily. The plant is available at Penang Snake Temple, Ayer Item Market,  BM Desa Rambai Market etc. More details pls refer to the newspaper

优顿草 or Sabah Snake Grass saved quite a number of Cancer patients. Comparing to Soursop, it seems like this Sabah Snake Grass having much effect than the Soursop. But I'm still doubt of it. Am looking for more evidents and proofs for this. Welcome all cancer survivors whom have consume this grass before and healed. 

Below article quoted from a forwarded email to me. 

Good News!!!
Recently, I met a man who had Lymphatic Cancer - Stage 4 with 123 lymph nodes affected. His cancer started in March 2008.

Affected parts: 1st: Right lung, 2nd: Left lung, 3rd: Groin, 4th: Eye and 5th Mouth.
After 9 chemo therapies he stopped the treatment on 10/11/2008 because 5 specialists said he can only survive for 3 months. Today, after more than 2 years, he has recovered and is still living. Thanks to the Sabah Snake Grass (Clinacanthus) which he planted outside his house.
He blended the leaves with green apple (minus skin and seeds) and drank them after breakfast everyday.

After 3 days, 6 tumours disappeared.
After 13 days, he went for a blood test.The oncologist said that he was 96% cured.

So far more than 200 people who had taken the herbs showed improvement.

Case 1) Man - age 54
             Lung Cancer: 3rd stage.
            Chemothrapy 6 times
            Tumour before taking Sabah Snake Grass 29mm, 44mm, 76mm
            Tumour two weeks after taking Sabah Snake Grass
            reduced to 20mm, 27mm, 67mm respectively

Case 2) Woman
             Uterus cancer – tumour size 6cm
             Scheduled for surgery. After taking SSG, reduced to 3.5cm.
             Doctor said no need to operate 
             Continue taking the SSG, the tumour disappeared.

Case 3) Man
            Prostate Cancer
            After taking SSG for 11 days, the tumour disappeared.

Case 4) Woman from KL
             Breast and Lung Cancer
             Both breasts removed - 4 stage. Very weak, cannot eat,
             on drip and lying in hospital.
             Family member poured SSG juice into her mouth through tube.
             After a few days, could eat and was discharged.
            28 days later was all tumours disappeared.

Case 5) Woman from Taiping
             Breast Cancer
            After taking SSG for 3 days, the wound dried up.

Case 6) Leukemia Patients
            So far 4 cases have been cured after drinking SSG juice.
            They also drank juice from 3 leaves of Guo Sai Por
            (Ti Tham Tou) once per week.

Case 7) Dialysis Patients
             After taking SSG for 10 days, stopped going for dialysis

Case 8) Patients with High Cholesterol, High Blood, High Uric Acid
             and Diabetes
             After taking SSG, the conditions improved.


Suggestion of Consuming Clinathanus/Sabah Snake Grass
Number of leaves used for treatment for Cancer:
Stage 1 : 30 leaves everyday
Stage 2 : 50 leaves everyday
Stage 3 : 100 leaves everyday
Stage 4 : 150 – 200 leaves everyday
When the patients get better, reduce the number of leaves.

Direction for juicing SSG
a) Pour half cup of clean water in a blender
b) Add 1 or 2 ice cubes to prevent heating during blending
c) Add 1 quarter of lemon or half a lime juice (provide Vitamin C and prevent oxidization )
d) Wash the required fresh SSG leaves and put them into the blender
e) Peel a green apple and remove the core/seeds
f ) Cut the apple into 8 pieces
g) Put in the pieces of apple
h) Blend and drink immediately or within 5 minutes. (consume daily)
I ) If your body is "cooling" add a few slices of ginger or drink warming herbs

Food to avoid : Sugar and products made with sugar, honey, kembong fish, ray fish, 7 angled-fish, chicken meat, duck meat, yam, glutenous rice, margarine, durians, bird nest, ginseng and other rejuvenating herbs.

Besides SSG, papaya, apricot seeds, lemon grass and many types of fresh raw vegetable and fruit juices can also be used for treating cancer.

Those who wish to get this plant can contact me as I have it planted at my garden. I can give you a branch of this plant free. 


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VG WW 8 said...

I just get one plant. I tried to plant it as soon as I get home but it looks like dying. Any advice on how to plant it? Thank you.

Gan Chin Seng said...

Hi VG,

I'm not very sure how to plant it. But mine one, I just plant it in a vase before transferring it to ground when it grows.

It just grows like that with water and sunlight.

cuttiecubby said...

I would like to know what type of blender need to be use for blending? Notice the direction for juicing mentioned to add ice to prevent heating during blending. Does this mean high power blender cannot be use in this case? Juices blended using using high power blender will make the juice/smoothies warm.

Gan Chin Seng said...

Hi Cuttie,

Just a normal blender will do.
Unless you are using those old modern blender, else, you no need to add ice cube for it.

Carene said...

Hi Gan,

Thanks for your reply.
What about in the case of maintenance for cancer patient who's recover for more than a year, how to consume in this case?

If we need the plant and are not local in penang how do we get the plant?

Gan Chin Seng said...

Hi Carene,

That case I would suggest 20-30 leaves a day.

If you need the plant, I can pass to you if you are from Penang, Butterworth or Taiping area.


Chin Ee. said...

I am in Canada, do you have any seeds? I can ask my friend pick up for me and post it to Canada?

Chin Ee.

Gan Chin Seng said...

Hi Chin Ee,

I don't have the seeds. Probably you can look for the seeds at local store.

rukiye1979 said...

Hi i urgently need this plant can you please notify me were i can get it i am in sydney australia and i have cancer my email is rukiye1979@ please let me know as soon as possible thank you

Gan Chin Seng said...

Hi Rukiye,

I can try ask Courier Service Provider see if possible if I can mail the plant to you.

Raven said...

Gan Chin Seng can i have ur phone num ? i'm from georgetown

Gan Chin Seng said...

Hi Raven,

Yes, 012-4283834.
If you want the plant, I can arrange for you. Because the I planted this plant at my hometown.

koh yeng said...

May I have the plant or anywhere i can get the plant?

Thank You


koh yeng said...

May you sent me the plant. I wish to try it. Can I drink it if i still continue chemotherapy. Thanks
Let me know how to get the plant

Gan Chin Seng said...

Hi Koh Yeng,

Where is your location?

Yew Koon said...

I would like to get the plant for my mother, who is suffering from stage 4 breast cancer which has spread to her bones. How do I get the plant?

Gan Chin Seng said...

Hi Yew Koon,

Which location you are?

WW said...

Hi Gan,
Can I have the plant? I'm from penang. Appreciated & thanks.

Best regards,

v i o l e t iee said...

hi, im from penang too.can i have the plant too?? thanks !

regrads ,

Gan Chin Seng said...

Hi WW, Violet.

Due to high responses on the plants. The plants I will only gave to those cancer patients.

Kindly let me know as soon as possible as I'm going back to my hometown this weekend to bring some plants back to Penang and give to those who really needs it.

佐思琳 said...

Hi Gan. Do you mind to give me some plants as my mum is suffering from breast cancer. We are now in Ipoh and will be heading to Penang this coming Friday for my mum's appointment with doctor. Hope you can help. Thanks :-)

Gan Chin Seng said...

Hi 佐思琳,

My side at Penang now currently does not have anymore plants.

Not much left, but I can give you some branches of the plants so that you can re-plant it.

I'll be in Taiping this coming weekend.

koh yeng said...

My location at Segamat Johor.
Isn't possible to sent to me and pls give me your hp no ..I will msg you my address

Gan Chin Seng said...

Hi Koh Yeng,

I can try to post to you. However, since the plants I gave to a lot of people, I'm not very sure if I can give you in a certain amount.

But, I can try post to you in small amount so that you can replant it and grows.

I can be reach at 012-4283834.

Best Regards,

Catherine said...

hi, i am in manila, philippines, my father has cancer, stage 3. he is going through chemotherapy, and this weakens him. how can i get this plant? i dont think you can mail this. can we possibly get seeds and plant it here? Not even sure if it will grow on our type of soil, or weather. Thank you so much for your help!!!

Gan Chin Seng said...

Hi Catherine,

I only have the plants, I don't have the seeds. However, I'm asking from Courier Service Provider see if I'm able to send to your country for you.

koh yeng said...

Thank you so much. I really hope this plant may useful for cancer. and i will try to plant it and help those ppl who need it. I will msg u shortly.

Gan Chin Seng said...

Hi Koh Yeng,

Segamat and Kota Tinggi near?

ml said...

Could not find Clinathanus on Wikipedia but it looks very much like Andrographis paniculata .
穿心蓮 Andrographis paniculata
爵床科 Acanthaceae
English name: Kariyat
抗癌 Anticancer

cuttiecubby said...

Hi ML,

The plant is called Clinacanthus Nutans/Sabah Snake Grass or you can click on the link.

Spelling error on your blog not Clinathanus

ml said...

Thanks. Obviously Clinathanus and Andrograohis are different plants. Andrographis is smaller and has white flowers while Clinathanus has red ones. Shall try to locate theplant and pass on your service to the others.

Gan Chin Seng said...

Hi cuttiecubby, ml,

Thanks for the information, however, as I know the plant in chinese name as 憂遁草or优顿草. English name I'm not quite sure because I copy it from a forwarded email to me.


Akimme Khoo said...


I'm from Singapore my dad was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer last month I chance upon your blog while looking for this plant.

May I know if its possible to bring it over to Singapore or you have any idea how I could get it locally.

Also the number of leaves needed is quit a sum may I know if the plant actually grow fast?

Sorry too many questions. Thanks in advance!

Gan Chin Seng said...

Hi Akimme,

For your information, I'm still waiting reply from Courier Service Provider see if I'm able to post the plant to oversea.

However, I think you can try come over to Malaysia and find it. I heard that JB side got this plant too.

Somehow, my plant is currently out of leaves, so I think most probably have to wait about 1 - 2 weeks time for it to regrow.

Once the plant grows root, it will grow very fast.

klcontact88 said...

Hello Gan,

I am from Ipoh. Are you in Taiping this weekend? Or have you left already?

My mother has Stage 4 Lung. We would very much like to get this plant from you.

Please help.

Anyone else in Ipoh that has this plant, please get in touch with me.

Thank you very much in advance.


Gan Chin Seng said...

Hi Nicholas,

My plant running out of supply. Will inform you when it regrow leaves.

liqing_91 said...

Hi, my dad was diagnosed third stage nose cancer.
Do you still have enough of them? i dont really know where i can get them anywhere in singapore or malaysia.

Do you know if there is any places in johor bahru that i can get them?
thanks alot!

Serin Ng said...

Hi Gan,
I am not a cancer patience but I do know of some people who are. If this plan grows as fast as you said it does, then I would really like to grow some to help people who are in need. I live in Shah Alam, Selangor. By any chance do you know anyone growing this plant near here? I can be contacted at 012 6299422
You are doing a marvelous job at helping these people. God will greatly bless you for it.

Gan Chin Seng said...

Hi LiQing,

I'm not very sure where you can get the plant in JB area. However, I hope that my plant can supply enough amount to all then it fully re-grow.

Hi Serin,

As long as you are helping others FREE not charging them any single cents, I'm OK to give you the plant. There are few patients get the plant from me. I can try contact them and see if they can spare a little bit for you to re-plant.

Serin Ng said...

Thank you in advance for the plant. I DO NOT intend to make money out of this plant. God created medicinal plants to heal us of sicknesses. And if this plant can actually help people get well from terminal disease, its already a payment to see them get well and happy. Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you again and God bless.

kiwi said...

Just a small comment and review,
Do take note, consuming these leaves may not be effective to all perhaps. My dad tried it one day, and his headache&pain he used to have is back. Maybe ppl who are trying shld try small amt of leaves first to test if u are suitable for it, instead of straightaway 100. Not everyone can suit it, or perhaps u have to add other herbs with it, im nt sure. However still hope many patients can be helped by it!

sinar terang said...

Till now I have seen many ppl asking for the plant or the seeds or the leaves but none of them have posted the results after using it........I would love to see some feedback from people who have taken these leaves.

shazel said...

Hi, Gan,

I am living in Kuching, Sarawak. I have a friend who is suffering from stage 4 breast cancer which has spread to her liver and bone. Can I get a plant in Kuching here?

TonyHuan said...

Hi VG, the picture looks like it is hempedu bumi. Is the leaf very bitter? If it is, then I have plenty of them in my garden.

BinBin said...

HI Chin Seng,
I would like to try out this plant as this might be a miracle to me. I am now at Breast Cancer stage 2 and going to have my surgery during July after my 6 cycles of Chemo, though now already finish 4.
I really pray and chant to God everyday that miracles happen.

Pls let me know if u are able to send me some of the plants or seeds so I can plant it and save other cancer patients in Singapore too! God will bless u with such a good heart.

U may contact me at email address:

BinBin said...

Just to add on, can we get this plant in Singapore too? If possible, can u advise where? Thanks alot! :)

Yi Mei said...

Hi Chin Seng,

I'd like to have a branch or two of your plant as I needed it. I'm from Penang. How can I get it from you?


Gan Chin Seng said...

Hi Kiwi,

Thanks for the advice. Appreciate for it.

Hi Sinar Terang,

Will update you soon once I got feedback from them as I just passed the plants to them last 2 weeks.

Hi Shazel,

You can try find out from local Herbal Garden.

Hi TonyHuan,

Nop, this one is not bitter. The bitter in taste one is so called Snake Grass.

Hi Bin Bin,

Currently my plant out of supply, have to wait it re-grows then only I can start giving out again. Will update you soon.

Hi Yi Mei,

My plants are bold currently, have to wait till it re-grows. However, I can try spare some branches for you to re-plant. You can find my contact somewhere here if you want the branches.

BinBin said...

Between, anyone try already got improve their body conditions? Maybe we should try to update the improvements/side effects for this plant treatment. As this can save more cancer patients lifes.

Solomon Wise Wisdom said...

Hi Gan,

I'd like to have a branch or two of your plant as I needed it. I will back to Penang by next week. How can I get it from you? If you have some branches, perhaps I call my sister to get it from you soon. BTW is these your contact 012 4283834

Thanks in Advance

God blessing for Good Deeds


Gan Chin Seng said...

Hi BinBin,

I received a call from SG regarding her father consuming this grass + snow lotus enzyme. Amazingly, size of tumor reduced. From (+65***8775)

Hi Solomon,

Currently out of stock, however I can try my best on few branches.

Solomon Wise Wisdom said...

Hi Gan,
Appreciated & thanks for your help.
I will ask my sister to contact you for the plant collection. Sorry where can we collect from you, in Penang Island? Could you advice...

Thanks again.

God Blessing.


Kenzie said...

As in ‘Gerson’s Therapy’, we understand it uses nutrition to cure cancer (via juicing). As for ‘nitrilosides’, we learn that it kills cancer cells directly and promptly. However, I believe a lot of us don’t know how exactly this Sabah Snake Grass works to effect a cure for cancer – though it holds very promising outlook. That’s why I am very keen to know and learn EVERYTHING about Sabah Snake Grass from well-informed sources of the “how, what, why, when etc”. I hope someone in this website (and other related websites as well) will be kind enough to share and enlighten me on those areas as I can’t find any websites which are truly informative and/or educative. Please kindly guide me to websites or any other materials pertaining to matters on this miraculous plant. My email address is
A note of interest though - while there are so many people can’t find this phenomenal Sabah Snake Grass in West Malaysia, there’s this herbalist in East Malaysia (Sabah, Kota Kinabalu) who is selling the plants and leaves altogether like super hot cakes! Her plants and leaves are very ‘fast-moving’ as it’s quite obvious that demand is apparently greater than production due to the exodus of terminal sick people coming all the way from Brunei and Sarawak to get the plants and leaves from her. Of course most of these end-stage cancer patients can’t afford to wait for the plants to be fully grown with leaves over night, that’s why this herbalist is selling the leaves altogether with the plants as well. This can only be logic indeed - especially for those in their advance stages having poor prognosis with only a few months to live. She further claims that this god-send plant has saved countless lives in her years of selling this life-saving plant
Since this website is all about kind-hearted individuals helping fellow human race to overcome cancer by providing information on alternative protocols, let’s join our hands together to create a better tomorrow by additional researches on this unique Sabah Snake Grass and make Malaysia proud – particularly Sabah. Anyone who has vast knowledge on how this amazing grass/plant works, please kindly email me ASAP as I am contemplating to plant a lot of this SSG to give out freely to all Malaysians - of course and only if this Sabah Snake Grass is as astounding as it has claimed to be. Fortunately with the good news, I am told that SSG can be courier to all parts of Malaysia. Kindly advise me of any other similar websites like this one as I will post this message on all Sabah Snake Grass and Clinacanthus Nutans websites in order to obtain as much information as possible. Cheers and thanks in advance and God bless us all with good health

Kenzie said...

As in ‘Gerson’s Therapy’, we understand it uses nutrition to cure cancer (via juicing). As for ‘nitrilosides’, we learn that it kills cancer cells directly and promptly. However, I believe a lot of us don’t know how exactly this Sabah Snake Grass works to effect a cure for cancer – though it holds very promising outlook. That’s why I am very keen to know and learn EVERYTHING about Sabah Snake Grass from well-informed sources of the “how, what, why, when etc”. I hope someone in this website (and other related websites as well) will be kind enough to share and enlighten me on those areas as I can’t find any websites which are truly informative and/or educative. Please kindly guide me to websites or any other materials pertaining to matters on this miraculous plant. My email address is
A note of interest though - while there are so many people can’t find this phenomenal Sabah Snake Grass in West Malaysia, there’s this herbalist in East Malaysia (Sabah, Kota Kinabalu) who is selling the plants and leaves altogether like super hot cakes! Her plants and leaves are very ‘fast-moving’ as it’s quite obvious that demand is apparently greater than production due to the exodus of terminal sick people coming all the way from Brunei and Sarawak to get the plants and leaves from her. Of course most of these end-stage cancer patients can’t afford to wait for the plants to be fully grown with leaves over night, that’s why this herbalist is selling the leaves altogether with the plants as well. This can only be logic indeed - especially for those in their advance stages having poor prognosis with only a few months to live. She further claims that this god-send plant has saved countless lives in her years of selling this life-saving plant
Since this website is all about kind-hearted individuals helping fellow human race to overcome cancer by providing information on alternative protocols, let’s join our hands together to create a better tomorrow by additional researches on this unique Sabah Snake Grass and make Malaysia proud – particularly Sabah. Anyone who has vast knowledge on how this amazing grass/plant works, please kindly email me ASAP as I am contemplating to plant a lot of this SSG to give out freely to all Malaysians - of course and only if this Sabah Snake Grass is as astounding as it has claimed to be. Fortunately with the good news, I am told that SSG can be courier to all parts of Malaysia. Kindly advise me of any other similar websites like this one as I will post this message on all Sabah Snake Grass and Clinacanthus Nutans websites in order to obtain as much information as possible. Cheers and thanks in advance and God bless us all with good health

dsukfong said...

Hi Gan,
I am from Sabah, i did see this Sabah snake grass around , my mum planted it. but haven't notice it is good for cancer curing... many thank for your blog, hope many patients will be cured.

dsukfong said...

there are so many having cancer around, your blog is very very helpful to those in need, How about those consider health one, should v take also for prevention is better than cure... TQ

Gan Chin Seng said...

Hi Solomon,

Sorry for late reply, yes I'm at Penang Island.

Hi Kenzie,

I'm willing to help, however, I only planted in small quantity. Which I'm still looking for more voluntary to plant this miracle grass together in mass productions.

Hi dsukfong,

God created us to helps each others, not fighting and war each others. I hope that my blog will able to spread this miracle news to all and I also hope that those who had this plant will helps others as well.

baliseps said...

I have high end herbal extractor using CO2 gas. I would like to have this SSG and make the chemicals profile using GC-MS and LC-MS. Appreciate you could provide me the fresh plant for planting and the dried for the extraction. TQ

DaMA said...

Hi Gan
I leave in Changloon, Kedah and know someone who really need this leaves.
I just found your blog when someone posted about this plant in our group Facebook and I just browsed thru Google to see the result.

I wish to get the leaves and also the plant so that we can plant it at home. How do I go about from here?


cuttiecubby said...

Hi Gan,

Read about the case study you shared about Mr Wong age 63. He took it by double boiled with red dates instead of blending wz apple. Look like it can be taken differently for certain cases is it? For those with ovarian re-laps how to take the leave for best results and another case is also re-laps n spread to bones, now it's bed ridden but have tried few times but running out of leaves.
What's your advice on these 2 cases? Hope to hear from u soon.

Gan Chin Seng said...

Hi Baliseps,

Currently I'll only reserved for those who really needs it. I can spare you some after that. Sorry for any inconveniences.

Hi DaMA,

My side currently our of supply. However, I'm seeking helps from Penang Forumers see if they could spare some for me to distributes out to you all.

Hi cuttiecubby,

The case study I shared, he is actually suffer from Kidney Failure. This shows that the grass could helps for those who suffer kidney failure also.

Miera Nadhirah said...

my mom has throat cancer.. the beginnings I think... and my husband has long term diabetes... I really ould like to try this if possible.. I am in Selangor.... how can I get a plant please?

Gan Chin Seng said...

Hi Miera,

You can try Persatuan Pengkaji Herba Tradisi located at N.Sembilan - Jelebu area.

Hi Koh Yeng,

I've lost your number... can you email me or sms me again?

Hi Akimme,

There is a society near Jalan Tebrau they have this plants.

Hi BinBin,

Refer my above comments.

lausp668 said...

This is jackqueline from Klang, Selangor, Did u have any idea where to get the sabah snake grass in selangor area, I need it urgently..... for my mum...

Gan Chin Seng said...

Hi lausp668,

try contact below for Negeri Sembilan. My side out of supply have to wait for it to regrow...

(园主) : 019 - 660 9502
Danny : 012 - 308 3453
Alvin : 016 - 666 6516
Tel & Fax : 06-677 0867

lausp668 said...

any place near by selangor ?

lausp668 said...

is it both three of them are same owner ? I've been call one of them
程顺章(园主), but after the comunication, they only sell the leaf, I hope to get the plant. coz my mum stay at kuala selangor, so need to find the plant and plant it in her garden.....
sorry to trouble u

Jolene said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jolene said...

Hi may i know how to get this Sabah Snake Grass in Singapore, friend father having last stage of lung cancer (left 3th month life), since this Sabah Snake Grass is so good, think of trying and save a man (50 plus) life, pls advise urgenty. Many thanks

Gan Chin Seng said...

Hi Jolene,

Call Kallee 012-7886404 from JB.

cuttiecubby said...

Hi Miera & lausp668,

I do not have the bulk of leave to supply but can try to get both of you the plant (not many ya) You need to grow it to get the leaves. Hope that helps. You can drop me your contact no if can for arrangement.

lausp668 said...

thank you very much
here is the contact:
Lot 1, Jalan Keramat 5,
Taman Klang Utama, 42100,
Klang, Selangor
Attn: Mr.Wong Kok Choy
Tel: 012-2886063
this is my brother in law address,
pls do sent it to this addresss, we will arrange to plant the herbal ourself, thank you very much, really appreaciate that...

caliss said...

Hi Gan,
I'm live in Seremban, where can i get this grass? Doctor say my mum cancer is stage 4 now. I hope she can recover.


marlene said...

hi Gan,

i'm from Kuching. my mom's suffering from breast cancer & it's at a very critical stage. the doc told me that she has about 6-12 months to live. do u know of anyone selling it in Kuching? btw, i don't have any garden in my house compound so if i do plant SSG, it'll be in the pot. will the plant be ok in the pot? and do we need to put any fertilizer? pls help.

Susan Crawford said...

This information sharing is so powerful and hopeful. Thank you all for your words and intentions.

My mother is dying from stage 4 transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder... At this point we would welcome the opportunity to try the snake grass.

Could someone send leaves or seeds to my home in the US? 10418 Cambridge Place, Powell, Ohio 43065 USA

or direct me to a place where I might purchase.

Best to all.


Gan Chin Seng said...

Hi Tom,

US wise, my side currently does not have any info on this plant.

I did checked with the Courier Service Provider, they told me that for sending the plants to country such as US, Europe, Australia and etc, they do not allow plants to be bring in.

My side only have the plants, I do not have any seeds.

To All,

Anyone has any information about this plants in US?

DK said...

Hi People,

I have being following with Mr. Gan's SSG blog and i noticed Mr.Gan being sharing his plant to be grown at your homes, if any of you got the plant growing if you could, please share with me some leaves.

you can contact me at

thank you.

cuttiecubby said...

Hi Gan,

Can this drink be taken if I'm currently consuming the chinese herbs as maintenance?


olan said...


i need this plant for a patient here in sydney australia. can you help me on how i can get this plant.


Gan Chin Seng said...

Hi DK,

Where is your location?

Hi cuttiecubby,

Which type of chinese herbs?

Hi olan,

I'm getting one of my friend who working in Queensland, see if she knows any shops, or herbal garden selling it. Will keeps you update.

cuttiecubby said...

It's mainly to build immune system, blood circulation and prevention herbs which are all brew together by the prof from china under the TCM dept in hospital. Contents I'm not sure. It's to consume daily about an hour after breakfast and after tea time.

JesseTeoh said...

For those who had taken this herb and resulting that the old sickness coming back,it might be the good responding effect.For those who learned herb theraphy will know this term.It mean the herb are working to detoxify any harmful element from body.Once all extra residues in body are expelled,you are healed.I am not a doctor,you better search for expert.

Laura Boin said...

Hi Gan, I need urgently for my uncle with stage 4 lung cancer. Do you still have supply? I am trying to get from Snake Temple but really need more supply as need to take 200 leaves per day. I am in Penang but I need to send back to KK, Sabah.


Claudine said...

Its naturally rubbish what you are writing...
if there was something that could heal cancer and all that opther stuff, dont you think the whole world and every hospital would already know about it?
Your article is a pile of unscientific junk.

Kenzie said...


What’s the matter with you? What’s eating you up? What’s wrong with you? To me and the rest of the polite people who post their comments here, I don’t think its “natural rubbish” we are writing here. We are writing about a simple and God-sent herbal plant that may offer “natural healing” to desperate kidney failure patients who need to undergo very unpleasant haemodialysis every alternate day in order for them to survive. We are also talking about lots and lots of unfortunate people who are fighting against an uphill battle against cancer too! In short, we are all just simple and caring individuals trying to make this world a better place to live in by sharing openly information which we think may be informative, helpful, beneficial and functional and bring hope to very distressed individuals where hopes is what they have and are clinging their dear lives to… and I would say this is a very nice and supportive blog too

Since you wrote that this article is a “pile of unscientific junk”, I don’t understand why you need to take all the trouble to comment then? Why can’t you just leave your thoughts to yourself and walk away if this SSG is not you cup of tea? Are you are a scientist or what??? And make yourself look so stupid in the eyes of many? Anyway, what do you know about the politics of orthodox treatment verses alternative approaches? Obviously, you need the SSG more than anybody else to clear up your sick mind! I believe all readers will agree with me…

Don’t let the above rude comment distract you from your good work Gan… Keep up the good work!!!

Gan Chin Seng said...

Hi Laura,

Contact me as soon as possible before I'm outstation again. I can spare you some.

Hi Claudine,

You wouldn't know when you are not the cancer patient and doctor told you that you only have 3 months left.

This is at least a miracle, another hopes for such kind of patients.

No doubt, I'm very sad and angry with you such comment in my blog. But if your parent or your most love one diagnose with Cancer Stage 4 and doctor told you only left 3 months time, what would you do? Chemo Treatment, yes, but after 6 cycles (1 cycle 6 sessions) of Chemo Treatment and yet, the cancer cells does not shrink down and in fact keeps on growing, what would you do? Wait for the time? Then I will say, you have FAIL. You FAIL because you dare not to try. You FAIL because you think such grass does not have any scientific proven. You FAIL because you give up to continue your previous life with you love one.

Qookie said...

Many modern medicines of today were just quaint herbs or fruits known only to native tribes and faraway lands, until their healing properties became so well known that pharmaeceutical companies decided to research the active ingredient to make the pill form. And then they proceed to charge heaven and earth for the pills to recover massive costs and profits from their work.

Also, the number of herbs and plants still unknown to scientists is still uncountable. Furthermore, from the time a plant with incredible healing properties is researched, to the time the magical chemicals can be reproduced in enough quantities for clinical research, to the time that 4 phases of clinical studies are conducted, to the time that manufacturing plants are set up to produce the drug, many people would have already died from not benefiting from the drug. So if the plant's healing effects can be enjoyed just by home made methods, and the side effects are not severe, it is easy to see why people would want to try it.

Finally, let it be known that many pharmaceutical companies profit heavily from NOT discovering cheap and easy-to-make miracle cures for deadly diseases. Some have even been sued and convicted of preventing the discovery or publicising of certain cures, while others have been indicted for lying about their own ineffective drug "cures" while condemning the scientific premise of natural cures. Even the USA's Food and Drug Administration is an agency mired in deep political scandal, since many of the politicians that control the FDA get heavy funding from the drug companies. There is much more than meets the eye in the morally corrupt world of pharmaceuticals and politics. Scientists don't know everything now, they may be hampered by costs and politics and commercial concerns from conducting proper studies. And even if only drugs certified by pharmaceutical companies are deemed as "scientific", what's the use if they cost an arm and a leg to buy? So for those simple minded souls out there who have this unmerited blind faith in the "scientific process" which they consider to be the de facto basis of all medical breakthroughs, please wake up and smell the roses.

lausp668 said...

WITH thankful of the ladies who send me the grass that day is PJ.
AND now I wish to find some patient who was same problem with my mom.( liver cancer, stage 3, 70yrs old) and starting recover from eaten this sabah snake grass ?
really hope to know them and get some good opinion from them to cheer up my mom.....
thank you

test1 said...

Dear Mr Gan,
I called & spoke to you over the phone yesterday afternoon. After calling the supplier in Seremban I am still not able to get hold of someone who can assist me in sending the SSG to Kuching for my mom. My mom has Stage 3 lungs/bone/lymph nodes cancer and I would like to get them for her urgently. Is it possible to send the SSG and the plants itself over through PosLaju? Or better, do you know any contacts in East Malaysia who can supply the SSG?

She has gone through 4 rounds of chemotherapy and 1 round of radiotherapy since 2005 however the cancer cells still come back every time. Can the SSG be used when undergoing chemotherapy? My mom is due to start another round of chemo this 31May.

Thank you very much in advance. I appreciate if you can get back to me as soon as possible. My cell:019-385 1688, email

Orange said...

Hi i stay at JB. My father has the same cancer as you, mantle cell lymphoma, stage 2. Had gone thru 3 chemo, and still have another more rounds to go. Can we consume the SSG and continue to do the chemo at the sametime? Do you have any contact in JB who i can request the plant from or do you mind to sent me some leave and plant? thanks and your help is really appreciate.

rebooto said...

Hi Gan,

My mom has been ill for a month now and just tested with pancreatic cancer which spread to lung, liver and backbone (stage 4). Now she is doing radio therapy to stop the tumor from attacking the bone which will end up paralyse if not treated. All the oncologist said my mom have only weeks to months left and i'm desperate for any alternative holistic approach. Until i found this sabah snake grass. I'm from PJ, how could i get those grass fast for my mother?
Thank you.

Miki said...

Hi Orange,
I am a breast cancer stage 2B patient and have ask doctor about this SSG plant. As I am on clinical trial, going to finish my 6th Chemo tomorrow and ask doc option, his answer is my tumor has shrink and is doing good now, so is better to avoid consume SSG at this moment. He say i can consume after i recover from my surgery. And he mention although nowadays there are many ways and types of medicine to cure cancer but there are no scienticific proven. But he say I can give it a try after that.
So my advise to u is to seek doctor advise first before consume as worry this might affect the condition during chemo treatment.

BinBin said...

Hi Jolene,
U can try to call up if this 2 below still have SSG plant in Singapore.

1)Hua Hng Trading Co Pte Ltd
Add: 15 Bah Soon Pah Rd (near Yishun)
Tel: 62573259/ 67520500

2)Oh Chin Huat Hydroponic Farms
Tel: 98518913 look for Ai ling
Add also at Bah Soon Pah Rd 14A

If u wan to replant I can spare u some as it takes ard 4-5 leaves to see the leaves grow from the stem. As my pot is very small and i also nd to consume after my surgery.

apek said...

can you send the plant to skudai, johor???
or if you know where the plant has planted at johor, can you give the address/ph no.....

Pauline said...

This plants are for sale in penang flower fest this week in penang, I saw it there, for those who urgently need it. The store belongs to Eric, his plant nursery farm located in tj bunga (after resevior).

Mr Gan, thanks for your generosity !

Rgs Pauline

cuttiecubby said...

Hi Gan,

When consuming the SSG to those after treatment, one have to also avoid those food mentioned in the early part of your blog is it? Or that apply to those during treatment? Tks

Jeffrey said...

Hi! All, this plant is pretty common in Sabah and may also easily available too. You don't need its seeds, I doubt if it bears any, to plant it all you need is its stem after removing the leaves, just push its stem into the soil and it will grow.


Jeffrey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Gan Chin Seng said...


Refer to link below for Contacts in Malaysia and Singapore.

Jeffrey said...


To get 200 leaves or more on a daily basic is no easy task, I am from Sabah ask your uncle or his family member to contact me I believe I could help.


019 8114781

Tin Tin said...

FYI, Mr Gan has given me some stems with leaves and I will be in PJ from June 3rd and 4th. So, if you want the stem or leaves, we can meet. Call or sms me 016-443 9301.

P/S: The leaves are not very fresh anymore but it should be enough for 1 serving.

Jeffrey said...


Please contact me ASAP should you still need the SSG. I am from Sabah an Poslaju should be the best mode to send, fast and reliable( usually less then 24 hrs to be delivered within Malaysia)


019 8114781

Michelle said...

hi Gan Chin Seng,
i am from u have any seed for the plant?? my father is suffering liver cancer stage 4..

From michellee

Michelle said...

hi gan chin seng,
i am from Brunei. do u have any seed for the plant?? or do u have any branches of the plant?? so i can plant it.. can i plant the plant in the pot?? how long for the plant to grow?

huang_tingx2 said...


I am from Singapore, read about the snake glass and a colleague of mine is hospitalize because of liver cancer. Her family is desparately seeking alternative treatment.

Can you courier me the snake plant that your have? I will pay for the courier fee. I will plant the snake plant and also use the leave as sample for look some in Singapore. I know you must be short of plants. Plase help. My email:

Appreciate your great help in saving lives.

Thank you.


Jeffrey said...

I have seen many of you are desperately requesting for seeds/leaves from Gan C. S. Snake Grass grow from its stem and not seeds, I doubt if it bears any seeds at all, from a young shoots to a mature leaf may take 2-3 weeks before it is consider mature enough for juicing. I am just giving a rough picture on how fast/slow this plant would bear sufficient leaves for any individual who, say required 50, 100 or 150 leaves/day.

The demand out weighted supply in a huge gap that people are offering with monetary value lately.

cuttiecubby said...

Hi Tingx2,

Refer to the Blog Archive under May 2011. Gan Chin Seng did mentioned where to get the SSG in Singapore. Tks

Jeffrey said...


Do you still need he SSG for your father, I am from Sabah, nearer to Brunei do contact me for the SSG if you still need them.


Anonymous said...

good day mr gan,

my cousin had diagnosis with breast cancer. how can i get the plant? can i buy the plant from you?Thank you

Gan Chin Seng said...

Dear All,

Sorry for late reply. Recently busy with my works and I'm travelling a lot now.

I'm sincerely seeking all your cooperation to call me after 6PM as sometimes I'm in a meeting.

Hi Jeffrey,

Is it very good to knows that some one like you helping others who needs the SSG. :)

I'm very greatful with your kindness.

Hi elf_angel,

I only sell this plant for those who wish to earn some money from others. I'm selling at RM30,000 per 100Grams for this kind of people.

I'm only giving this plant for those who are really needs it. You can contact me and tell me your location?

Best Regards,

BinBin said...

HI All,
U may refer to this link below for other altherative cure for cancer.

Dr Azeem said...

Hi gan

Do you have some spare plants that I can have to pant it for my own use?I live in taiping too so it won't be a problem meeting up with you for it.

Gan Chin Seng said...

Hi Dr Azeem,

I'm in Penang now, probably will go Taiping coming month end. Will contact you again soon...

Hilton Mo said...

Hi there my friend!

I am from Christchurch, New Zealand and my father and I read about this plant in the weekly asian magazine and I'm just wondering if you knew of any way to get this plant in New Zealand beacause I don't think you can post it to New Zealand due to legal restrictions. Anyways i think the last resort would be for us to fly to Malaysia and try to purchase this plant there, do you now still have the plant? or would i need to try and search for it elsewhere?

Thanks in advance, what you are doing is very helpful and i'm sure ALL of us with loved ones who suffer from cancer are really grateful for your kind heart :)

sam said...

you are a kind hearted man and trying yr best to save others. tks a million

sam said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kenzie said...

Hi Gan

Its Kenzie again… Just to appreciate and lend support of your humane acts to help end sufferings on the less fortunate by sharing your expertise in overcoming life-threatening ailments and giving out freely the SSG to those who are afflicted with these diseases. I would like to inform you that I have also join in the force to share your burden to distribute the SSG FREELY to those who are in urgent need and prophesy the goodness of SSG to the rest of the world too through my blog I want to share an exciting news about this unique SSG; there is a 61 year old man recently diagnosed with end-stage lung cancer amazingly getting better by consuming this life-saving SSG. Keep up the good work Gan and God bless abundantly

Gan Chin Seng said...

Hi Hilton,

Currently I do not have any contacts in New Zealand. I've also checked with Courier Service Provider, Country's Customs will quarantine the plants.

Last resort, if happen you are coming to Malaysia. Let me know as early as possible, so that I could look out the plants from others for you.

Hi Sam,

I'm just helping around and I do hope others will do the same as well.

Hi Kenzie,

Is it possible for you to provide your contact number and location? So that I could share at my blog to lets others knows which locations / who are able to supply this plants.

Best Regards to All,

BinBin said...

Hi CS,
Understand there is 2 types of leaves for SSG, normally we see is the normal thin and long leaves. How about the round leaves? Is this also can be consume and cure for cancer as well?

Not sure if you know about this, however when I purchase the round leaves is also called SSG plant.

Gan Chin Seng said...

Hi BinBin,

Round leaves? What is the taste of it?

If the taste is bitter then it is only Snake Grass, if taste non bitter then it is Sabah Snake Grass we all are referring to...

Melissa said...

Dear Gan,

My mum is a cancer patient. I heard of this snake grass and managed to get a tiny branch of 2 leaves from a very kind lady whom I did not know. I planted it for about a month. It grows so slow and it has only about 10 leaves now. I just wondering how long will it take to grow until it has enough leaves to be consumed (40 to 100 leaves a day)!!!Sigh!!!
Please advise. Thank you.


Winnie Wei said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Winnie Wei said...

Hi Gan,
My dad is suffering liver cancer, I'm studying at Christchurch in new Zealand and I read a book last week says a guy cured after he ate SSG. I read almost all the comments but I didn't find such results frm ppl who eat it and get better. I would like to knw if there is any same patient who has liver cancer and getting better after they eat SSG?thx! Cuz I saw almost patients r having lung or breast cancer. I'm just planning to go to Malaysia wif my dad to try this grass cuz I don't think it can sent to china.(btw, I added ur Facebook plz confirm that,many thx!) and thanks for ur blog to share ppl's suggestions on helping with ppl who is suffering cancer.

Many thanks

Winnie Wei

Winnie Wei

Winnie Wei said...

Hi Gan,
My dad is suffering liver cancer, I'm studying at Christchurch in new Zealand and I read a book last week says a guy cured after he ate SSG. I read almost all the comments but I didn't find such results frm ppl who eat it and get better. I would like to knw if there is any same patient who has liver cancer and getting better after they eat SSG?thx! Cuz I saw almost patients r having lung or breast cancer. I'm just planning to go to Malaysia wif my dad to try this grass cuz I don't think it can sent to china.(btw, I added ur Facebook plz confirm that,many thx!) and thanks for ur blog to share ppl's suggestions on helping with ppl who is suffering cancer.

Many thanks

Winnie Wei

Winnie Wei

sc said...

Morning Mr Gan
I am trying to get this ssg plant to grow for my relative who has cancer. I am staying in KL. is there a possibility of getting one from you? I have sms to you on this. My email is
Thank you. Stephen

vince said...

Morning Mr. Gan,

My wife has been drinking the SSG twice a day for about 15 days...but since 11 June (her chemo medicine finished 10 june), she started vomiting the SSG a few mins after drinking...we think she is "scared" of drinking after so many times..and also becos of the foam and fiber...which make her very "full" and then throw out...

1) Can we extract only the apple juice and then pour the juice and blend with the SSG instead of blending them all together?

2) Or can we extract/drink only the apple juice and the SSG juice from a juicer machine instead of a blender? Will this be effective...

Your kind advice very much appreciated....


Gan Chin Seng said...

Hi Melissa,

Are you planting it in a flower pot? Probably you can try look for more grass while it grows.

Hi Winnie,

You can refer to my post for Case Study.

Hi sc,

KL area I'm not sure, however, you can try YikPohLing located in Seremban. Refer to their website,

Hi vince,

I think you will need to find out the exact causes for your wife throw out. However, if it is because of the foam and fiber, then I would suggest you try the first method you mentioned.

I would advice, try out once a day before breakfast, with probably about 30 leaves per day, once body able to adsorb it, increase number of leaves and number of times per day.

vince said...

Dear Mr. Gan

Thank you for your fast reply.
We will try the first method of mixing only the apple juice with the SSG in the blender...

My wife is in the stage where she needs at take about 300 leaves per day - 150 each time, twice a day...

cuttiecubby said...

Hi SC,

I've just started planting and be able to spare you with few branches in PJ.

melissa said...

hi gan,

i'm liza from philippines,my brother was diagnosed with prostate cancer stage 4,i have read about the SSG,how can i get this plant?is there a store here in the philippines who are selling this SSG? thank u.


BinBin said...

I have not try yet as the leaves is a bit ovary shape and long. Also called as "优顿草" which I have brought. Compare to the other pot which I have buy is different.

I have not taste yet... so does that means even if we consume, it cannot be cure?

sc said...

Hi cuttiecubby,
Thanks and you are god sent.How can I contact you.My hp is 013-3529013.Thank you again and god bless. sc

Gan Chin Seng said...

Hi cuttiecubby,

Great to know that you are sharing the SSG also, mind to have your contact posted at my blog for sharing SSG with others who really needs it?

Hi BinBin,

Different types of plants has their own different healing power. The actual SSG I know is long in shape. You can refer to the picture for the exact types of SSG.

In case, you are getting the wrong types of SSG, you can refer to my blog link below for the contacts near your location. Suggest you try contact Kallee.

Best Regards to All,

lsw said...

Hi Mr Gan,

May i know under what basis / proof you are able to say that this SSG helps to cure cancer?

How do you know that its the plant's work of art? You do not seem to have any form of medical background written in ur profile? How can i know that the plant is actually not poisonous?

So do you have any doctors testimonials? Have you actually run any test on this plant before you actually circulate the email to everyone and to get everyone else to circulate to others?

I have tried googling this and I was not able to locate any form or relevant information on this Plant.


melissa said...

hi mr.gan,

i am from philippines. my uncle was diagnosed with prostate cancer stage 4. and i heard about the SSG. how can i get that? is there a store here in the philippines who is selling that plant? thank u..


Gan Chin Seng said...

Hi lsw,

Indeed, some asking me the same questions you posted. For your information, I do not have any medical proof / doctors' testimonials nor advise on this plants effectiveness.

However, I've seen few cases myself those cancer patients who are consuming this grass and getting better than before. You can get more case study from link below

I'm not a medical officer nor scientist. So, if you asked me if I run any test to this plants, I will say NO.

I'll be happy if anyone here are from biological / medical research background who can helps to test and prove this plants effectiveness. I've even tried to contacts few Cancer Research Center from US, but no news from them yet.

In fact, there are even more and more people looking and seeking for this plants due to the local news paper publish news about this plants. You can refer to link below:

Do you think they dare to publish this if this plant is a hoax?

Lastly, I myself is in Information Technology line. I'm sharing out this plants and information to all purely to helps others. I'm sharing out Information which I knows and I could helps on with.

Imagine, if 2 - 3 Oncologist Specialist tells you there is nothing they can do, you only have 3 months left. What would you do? Wait? Or seek others alternative ways such as trying out this plants?

No doubt, I've also seen few unsuccessful cases. A friend of mine passes away 2 months ago before she able fully consume this plants as I only able to supply her to consume about 3 days times. But still, there are cases where people coming back to me and telling me that their health are improving after consuming this grass.

So, choices in your hand.
No harm, Cheers to you.

Hi Melissa,

Currently I do not have any information / contacts in Philippines, however, if you could make your way to Malaysia, you can try contacts few as link below.

Best Regards To All,

JoePenang said...

Helo bradde Gan,
Am frm Butterworth Email:, My fren in Ipoh has been diagnosed with 3rd Stage Lymphatic Cancer.Age 68 Male.Has undergone 2 cycles of chemo.

Pls give some advice to help him. He is unemployed.He has helped many ppl b4.
Pls tell me what to do.

michaellee001 said...

Hi Mr.Gan,
I am from Subang jaya and just started to plant the SSG recently after reading the Kwongwah newspaper about the SSG news.
Last week i gave 10 stems of SSG to Dr.Annuar from Bentong for replanting and research purpose in his lab besides given few to my neighbour to replanting.
Besides this SSG(Clinacanthus Nutans), i am also looking to plant 黒面將軍(Strobilanthes Crispus)as this plant might be effective in fighting breast cancer.

Gan Chin Seng said...

Hi JoePenang,

If you are looking for this plant, probably you try look for Contacts in my post. There is a guy from Butterworth who has this plants. Try contact him and see.

Hi michaellee001,

This is great, helpings others who really needs it. Hopefully more and more people like you are helping each others. :)


vince said...

Dear Mr. Gan,

My wife has been consuming the SSG for about 20 days (in between about 6-7 days vomited the SSG).

The thing is she is having very water diarrea (green colour) nearly every early morning since about 10 days ago...

She was addmitted for 3 days due to this diarrea and vomit but still having the same water diarrea (green colour) nearly every early morning but less...

could this cause by the SSG...any way to stop this...

Thank you

KLCC PRIME said...

Hi Mr Gan, Michelle001,

I have space in my garden, I could plant and help distribute to those who need it. May I get some stems from you? I'm based in kuala lumpur and can be contacted at 019-2687828.

WKS73 said...

I would like to thank Gan Chin Seng for his hard work and contribution, it really, really mean a lot. My mom is a stage 4 colon cancer patient, doc says she has only weeks to live. I dont mean to disrespect or discourage anyone, but read on for my own personal opinion on SSG. This is my understanding from various internet research materials, so pls dont email or contact me.

What is cancer? Cancer is simply mutated cells. Their DNAs are damaged and cant self destruct. They keep growing till they form cysts or tumours. These extra ‘growth’ may disturb our organs and eventually kill us.

But bad as they are, the cells still are a natural part of you; NOT some kind of virus, bacteria or weird pathology agent. Think of them as bad sheeps in your family. They outgrow and hurt you, but u dont kill your own family members, do u? This is the same reason why your immune system doesn’t kill the cancer cells. It just cant differentiate between the good cells and cancer cells.

How does modern medical science kills cancer cells when ur immune system cant get the job done? By Cut, Poison, Burn. Sound familiar? Yes, their medical names are surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. This is the nightmare every cancer patients and family members have to endure with.

How does this relates to SSG? Everything. (a) SSG is a healing herb, not a poison. You need poison to break your cells down. Healing herbs cant destroy cancer cells. (b) Even if SSG a poisonous herb, it cant differentiate and kills only the cancer cells and not the rest of you. Cancer cells are made from u, by u, to u. If SSG could kills all cancer in a matter of weeks, u too will die. (c) Cancer cells are not foreign cells (eg. virus, bacteria). Even if SSG contains some kind of chemical compounds (read medicine properties) to kill virus and bacteria, it cant kill cancer. Or at least, not without killing u.

So, my best guess is SSG as a herb does have some healing properties. It strengthens our health and body. But as a miracle cure for cancer, it is highly unlikely.

In recent years, some companies created antibody (eg erbitux and certifix) to stop cancer cells for growing. This maybe the future cure. But for now, there really isn’t much to do but pray for our loved ones.

Anonymous said...

First of all, a word of appreciation to Mr. Gan, if there are more people like him, we will have a better world.

Like what WKS73 said, western medicine has 3 standard treatments for cancer, i.e. surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. These treatments kill both cancer and normal cells, and often lead to drastically weakened immune system and prognosis complications. People start to realise that rather than the cancer itself, its psychological implications and its western treatments have hastened the deaths of some patients.

Another approach is to strengthen a patient’s immune system to co-exist with the cancer. This could be achieved by taking herbs and Chinese medicine and practicing QiGong. One QiGong that has a good healing effect is 郭林气功. The problem with this approach is its lack of generality, things that heal some people may not work for others.

For cancer patients and their families flighting to live on, SSG is definitely a welcomed alternative that is worth trying.

KM said...

Dear all and Oversea friends:

Please check this alternative drink BACOSOY

Gan has been very helpful trying hard to provide the plant to everyone but he may not have sufficient. Furtheremore, it needs to grow to have enough leaves.

BACOSOY is something that l just got to know when l was manning a booth for the Education Fair at Mid Valley Megamall, the opposite hall were exhibiting health products. I spoke to the representative there and this drink has even help a stage 4 patient. Am leaving this message here in hope that it can be of help to anyone that desperately needs it. I have lossed my father in law whom had suffered liver cancer and the pain that he has gone through.I am one who have never gotten to know any herbal remedies or products at that time. Please share to everyone and convey any good news if the product works. GOOD LUCK.


Bengbeng said...

Just wanted to share with you that it is very easy to plant this. Just remove the leaves and choose stems which are not too soft. make sure to loosen the soil first. it will help if you use some fertilizer .. preferably organic. within a week you will see it growing. a little like the way we grow cangkuk manis. I have planted some and they all survived. Initially before they take root, it is best to keep away from direct sunlight :)

WKS73 said...

Something to share with everyone. you might come across this.. "DCA cures cancer?"

This blog offers insight on some of the challenges of curing cancer.

visibly said...

Hi, I am from Klang, Selangor. How can I get a plant from you? Appreciate you to let me know. My email

1kk said...

Hi all,

I am from Sabah.

Contact me if you need SSG.

Email :
H/P : 60198633310

Mat Dot said...

Hi Gan,

Do you still have some SSG plant available. I would like to get the plant for my wife. I'm from Sg Petani. Let me know if you have some plant available. I can collect in Penang. My email: Thanks.

littlebaby said...

Friends in singapore who are looking for supply, i went to Malaysia to buy as couldn't find it in Singapore but bought a little too much. If u r looking for the leaves, pls call 96355847.

Eric Ng said...

Hi, I'm staying in Penang & would like to have it for my Singaporean friend. At the same time, try to plant and help whoever want it in Northern Malaysia.
Thanks, Eric

Anonymous said...

Hi, my Mom is a stage 4 lung cancer patient & shes currently consuming the SSG as part of her treatment. She buys them from a Malaysian who can deliver to Singapore frequently, for more details/interested parties pls contact me at

Sah Sin Ying (Icefish) said...


My brother having lymphoma stage 2. Would like to know after blend the leaf with green apple, should we filter out the “榨”and just drink the juice?

TeoSH said...

Hi Mr Gan,

I am from Batu Pahat, Johor. Any chance of supplying young live SSG plant so that I can cultivate in my garden. At present I am planting some Ci Wu Jia, another medicinal plant for own and friends consumption.

Jeremy said...

Hi TeoSH,

I am also from Batu Pahat and my mum is having Stage 4 ca. Just got to know this SSG and would be interested if we can start to plant some in BP to help ca patients. I'll be back to BP this weekend. Please give me a call or email at your soonest convenience.


Jeremy said...


I have bought some from Singapore and brought to Batu Pahat.

TC said...

To those that are looking for the SSG, try your local nursery. The nurseries in Penang that we've enquired with so far have them for sale.

TeoSH said...

Just got to know that my colleague's mom had been planting them years ago. Got some stems and leaves from her and will plant them in my compound.

Carmen said...

hi everyone, i am looking for the leaves to help my aunty who has diagnosed with cancel. who want to sell? and how much the price & weight? my email :

Vivian Sheung said...

Hi Gan,

I am currently in Sydney and my father in law is suffered from Pancreatic Cancer stage 4

Do you know where I can this plant in Australia?

I can be contacted on


Unknown said...

Mr. Gan , You are great help to others with the news of usage of SSG nto cure cancer.The last time I saw your website was about 1-2 mths. ago, since then there are many many comments and request for SSG plants. My relation a young man from JB is having blood cancer ( leukemia?) and doctors in malaysia has given up hope for his recovery.Do you think that by consuming SSG he has a chance.We pray to God to heal him with the SSG. I am from Klang and have garden space to plant SSG so that can also help to distribute SSGin Klang area n can be contacted at: All the best from Kimee.

WhiteChocolateDreamland said...
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WhiteChocolateDreamland said...
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WWF said...

As far As as I know Leukemia can be cured...Look for doctor for help. I saw some news about this Leukemia at GMC hopsital recently.

However, I am not sure SSG can help or not, but no harm to try..God bless u..

WWF said...

Hi all,

My wife is stage 4 lung cancer patient. She took SSG(300 pcs per day) for few days and she felt very painful on her back,shoulder and stomach. Sometime, feel like to vomit. This pain has last for 1 week already...Is this a good sign or bad sign? Anyone has the same experience?



xulynn wee said...

Dear Gan,
My mum is under radiotherapy and after this, chemotherapy. She is Stage 4 with tumor in lung, bone and spinal cord. Can she take this herb while doing treatment?

I am from Kuala Terengganu and now living in Kota Bharu. Do you know where I can get frsh plants in Kelantan or Terengganu.

Many thanks.

Gan Chin Seng said...

Dear All,

I might not be able to reply all your comments due to a lots of works recently and have to outstation very frequent.

However, kindly drop me email so that I could reply once I manage to check on my email. But I can try my very best to reply all your comments and emails.

You can call my mobile number, but I'm unable to answer your calls during day time from 8AM - 8PM.

Dear vince,
I'm not very sure on it, however I would suggest you seeks professionals advise. But please be note that, since this SSG creates coolness in human body, so try decrease numbers of leaves per day, say 30 leaves for a start and slowly increase by 20 leaves in probably 2-5 days lead time.

Sorry, but currently I'm only distributing for those cancer patients only due to limited supply. Will give you whenever I have extra.

Dear WKS73,
I agreed with you, SSG might not be able to fully heals cancer cells instead, it helps in boosting and strengthens human body's immune system which able to to controls back the cancer cells.

Dear feawalker,
Just like you mentioned, practicing QiGong will helps to strengthens our body's. So, I personally also suggest to practice QiGong.

Dear KM,
Thanks for the sharing.

Dear Bengbeng,
I planted SSG in my hometown with direct sunlights, and it grows amazingly. Thanks for sharing. :)

Dear visibly,
You can try look for my post on the Contacts.

Dear 1kk,
Hopes you are sharing and not selling. :)

Dear Mat Dot,
Sorry, but currently my plants all bold. Try contact others as per in my SSG Contacts post.

Dear littlebaby,
You are so kind for sharing the SSG with others. God bless you.

Dear Eric Ng,
Probably you can get your SG friend to contacts those in SG who have this plants.

Dear thriftedloots,
I hopes you are sharing not selling. :)

Dear Sah Sin Ying (Icefish),
You should not filter out anything from the blended juice except the apple's seeds. However, if your brother feels difficulty in drinking with the “榨”, then you should filter it out.

Dear TeoSH and Jeremy,
Great to have you guys sharing the SSG. :)

Dear TC,
Could you please tell us which nurseries in Penang are selling this plant?

Dear Carmen,
I believe that SSG being shared by most of great helping hearts people not selling to those suffering patients. Try look for SSG Contacts in my blog. Those contacts I posted are the great helping people who willing to share the SSG to others.

Dear Vivian Sheung,
I also have few request from Australia. I've already noted my friends in Australia in case they came across with this SSG there. Will keep you update if I have any news on it.

Dear Kimee / Unknown
Nice talking to you through phone that day. Also, great to knows you also sharing the SSG with others. God bless to you.

Dear WWF,
I got a case, Siti from Kulim where her husband also a cancer patient who suffering bone pain and diarrhea. However, she called me back and I advised her to decrease the numbers of leaves from 300 leaves to 30 leaves as the SSG creates coolness in the body. Then slowly increase 10-30 leaves in about 2-5 days lead time.

Dear xulynn wee,
No harm on trying this SSG. But I suggest you seeks doctor's advise first because come doctors wouldn't want the patients to takes alternative medicines while undergoing Chemo Treatment or etc. If the doctor is OK for this SSG, can give a try on it for your mom. Be strong, many successful cases with this SSG. Have faith with it.

Siow Chin said...

Hi Chin Seng,

Thank you for sharing.

My dad was diagnosed 4th stage lung cancer beginning of July. Would very much like to try giving him this remedy.

Please let me know the fastest way of getting the plant in KL. I will be in Penang on 6th August. Please let me know if we can meet.

Thank you in advance.


lpn said...

dear siow chin,
i think i can be of help. either you can go to that herb farm in pantai, seremban as mr gan has posted , or you can contact me at

cuttiecubby said...

Hi Gan,

Heard that the nursery in Tg Bungah after Ville of Temp is selling the plant. Sorry I don't have the nursery name but can't miss the place.

Hi Siow Chin,

You may try there too since you'll be in Penang on the 6/08/11.
Have faith.

God bless.

Imtiaz Khan Zico said...

Dear Gan C Seng, My father has Prostate Cancer & is in stage 4, lives in Bangladesh. So, how can I get this in Bangladesh?? Or if it is possible to talk with you over phone?
Can I have your phone number please???

gkb said...

i got the plant about 2 months ago. i have 6 pots now. it is easy to plant. just make sure it is not exposed to heavy sunlight. grow fast. water twice daily. i live in shah alam. will be supply foc to those who are interested to plant sabah snake grass. i can be contacted at

My Cancer Journey said...

I'm at stage 4 lung cancer and currently doing Chemo. Do you think i can eat this plant while doing chemo.

My Cancer Journey said...

can i consume the plant while doing chemo treatment.

huang_tingx2 said...

human intend is very important, chemo is a drug for treatment, the snake plant is a herb, just like you are eating vegetables....

huang_tingx2 said...

I found 2 flower stalls at Jurong East st 24 Singapore, selling the plants from $5 to $8 (depending on the height), and they are very well grown, about 10inches tall. Please call me 98253156 if you need more details. tingx2

Dawn said...

My relative just bought 2pots fm a garden in kovan Singapore. Email to me if anyone need address

Ben tan said...

NEGERI SEMBILAN, they are selling the plants and leaves there.

Simon Ng said...

Hi Gan

A friend forwarded your blog to me as my godsister is recovering from cancer.

Your work in disseminating such information is just GREAT!! I'm looking at planting this SSG in my godsister's garden so that she can consume it and also to transfer it to other cancer patient who would like to give it a try. We should spead this good cheers around. To Claudine, perhaps you would like to read the following blog - and Not to say it is 100 percent but there have been success story. And yes, there is no harm in trying.

I know the supply is short and so I will be contact gbk as he has successfully planted some. I hope I can do likewise, and offer to others the same once I get them planted.



huang_tingx2 said...

my cats love to eat the leaves, the moment they go out of the house, they will start on the leaves even though they are other plants but somehow they only choose SSG. I think cats know best!

Bought my at Block 252 market jurong east, there are 2 flowers sellers there selling the plants at $5~8, big plants.

Jane Koat said...

Hi Mr Gan,

I'm urgently looking for this plant for my husband who had lymphoma and I come from Penang.

Is there any way that I can get it from you?

Thank you very much.


Pok On said...

Hi Gan,
My father has got cancer. I would like to give him a trial with this herb. May I still buy the herb leave in Penang snake temple? Do they sell plant there? If not, can i get some from you?
FYI, I am working in Penang and hope to get it for my dad living at Ipoh.

Eva said...

Hi Gan, Thank you for this info. I planted SSG since year 2000. For those Stay in Sabah, Sarawak, Labuan, Brunei or neighbour can contact me at 6-0128325290 if you need supply. Thanks.God bless.

Gan Chin Seng said...

Dear All,
Very sorry for late reply as I was outstation for business trip.

Hi Siow Chin,
Look for the SSG Contact which I posted at my blog.

Hi lpn,
You are so kind in joining with me helpings others cancer patients.

Hi Imtiaz Khan Zico,
Currently I don't have any information or contacts in Bangladesh. Suggest you try near by country.

Hi gbk,
Great! expand the plants. If you are OK, can I share your contacts for others to refer for getting this plants?

Hi My Cancer Journey,
I would suggest you seek your Doctor's advise first. If your Doctor is OK for you to consume the SSG during Chemo. It will be great because this SSG helps to reduce the heatness in the body during chemo treatment.

Hi huang_tingx2,
Yes, you are right. Also, thanks a lot for your kindness on sharing this plant.

Hi Dawn,
Mind to let me know the address you mentioned? So that I can share out with all others.

Hi Ben tan,
Yes, I also get to know this contact too.

Hi Simon Ng,
Great to know the news. You can try contact others for the SSG they have.

Hi Jane Koat,
I try to source some for you. Will keep you update. Drop me an email so that I could contact you.

Hi Pok On,
I don't think you will be able to get it from the Snake Temple. Drop me an email, I try source for you.

Hi Eva,
Great to have you here helping others cancer patients. Mind if I share your contacts at my blog?

chelvi ganesan said...

Helo Mr Gan. My husband has diabetes and his cretatine level is increasing. Doctors advising him to go for dylasis. I just need to know how he should consume the SSG. Is it the same way as for cancer patients? Thanking you in advance.

naol8427 said...

Hi Gan ! Where can get SSG in KL area ? Thanks !

Gigi said...

can get the plant in singapore, a florist ah pek at marine terrace market is selling. Can ask him to order for you if he has no stock.
Morning market.

vince said...

good day,

would appreciate if anyone experience improvement / success for stomach cancers after consuming SSG for any period of time....all comments appreciated.

Renevic said...

Hello. How can I have this? I'm from Philippines. Do you have any testimonial about patients having diabetes? Thank you.

Free Thinker said...

Dear All Friends ...

Am feeling so sad, after knowing so many people asking for this plant (leaves or plants). This tells many amongst us are already having this killing cancer diseases.

Anyway, please be informed of the following information about this plant :

a) the taste of the blended leaves is tasteless;

b) it is easy to plant. Try to get a stalk of the plant. Remove the leaves. Then, cut the stalk in about 2" length from the bottom of the stalk upward. Plant the cut-stalk one by one in a flower pot (if you do not have open land to plant them), or in a small plot of land. Use only the matured part of the stalk. Don't plant the softer part of the stalk, they are too young to grow. Initially, do not expose them to the sun. It needs a lot of water but not too excessive. Once the young leaves (shoot) sprouted out, transfer them to a bigger area to grow. This is a wild plant and it can grow into the size of a big bush.

c) the leaves can be consumed directly by direct chewing and then, you just swallow the juices. You can just swallow the residue of the leaves later after the juices are been swallowed. I used to do that and consumed it as a supplement.

d) for those who are consuming it as a supplement like me, do not overdo it. Excess intake of SSG can cause weak knees because it has a cooling base.

e) for those who are using it as a treatment, do not overdo it too. I have heard of patients taking double dozes thinking the effect can be doubled too. Instead, overdosing can cause extreme weakness. Ask for correct guidance

f) I was surprised to find them quite often at our vegetable market and they are also been sold at a reasonably price and I have been buying them ever since because my own sister-in-law is having cervical and brain cancer. She has started taking SSG only recently. I have buying them and sending the leaves by courier. Not knowing what to do with the leftover stalks, I have been plugging them onto my backyard and they are sprouting crazily. Anyone wanting the stalks, can get them from me but it will take some times for the SSG to grow in this manner.

I am willing to do this for free, on condition I can sight the plant at the market. This particularly old lady is only selling them every Saturday.

Melody said...

Hi Free Thinker,

Would you mind helping me to get the plant. I'm helping my friend as her mother-in-law has cancer in stage 2. I have been searching around to check where to get it untill I saw the Chin Seng's blog.

Hi Chin Seng,
Would like to thanks you too as without your blog, i would still be searching around for the plant.

Melody said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Free Thinker said...

Dear Melody

Seriously if you want it. I have reserved with the seller for her SSG to be picked up tomorrow.

I can purchase a few bundles and then detach off their leaves to be sent to you. This is to save weight because I believe I need to courier the said item to you. Otherwise, if you want, I can include the whole bundle (together with the stalks) and you can plant using the stalks later.

I hope the seller will bring her SSG tomorrow (Sat).

Can you give me your address details to my email at + your tel contact, due these are required in the consignment note ?

Try planting them. Its easy and it might take a short while before they will bloom to full maturity before you realize it.

Free Thinker said...

Dear Melody

I have got the stock of SSG in hand.

Have yet to receive your contact, otherwise they will start to rot. Cannot keep the plucked leaves for tool. It might lost its nutrients.

Melody said...

Hi Free Thinker,

Sorry for the late respond. I have email you my contacts with the subject 'SSG'.

Thanks very much for the help..


anne said...

hi, my dad is really sick. I would like him to try this SSG. we r living in west borneo, we went to kuching for SSG in sunday market, but the seller was away for two weeks. anyone knows where else to find this grass? needed urgently. contact me please thank you.

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...


My sister in law suffered breast cancer stage 4 n removed 1 breast.completed chemo a year ago. But recently doctor told that is had spread to liver and bone. a quite serious. i would like to know where can i get this plant, i want her to give a try while her will power is strong to survive...pls let me know how and wher to get it...i'm working in penang and staying at butterworth and i can come and get it where ever it is.....from KAMALA

lpn said...

Hi Kamala
try these two sites

Unknown said...

hi lpn,

thanks for the feedback...i'll go and try to get it personally...hope miracle could happen...

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