Monday, April 11, 2011

憂遁草or优顿草/Clinathanus/Sabah Snake Grass

I received tremendous request on the plants after I posted 2 days ago.
However, I hope that my plants are sufficient enough to supply to you all.

Would very appreciate if someone can helps each others for those who really needs it. Especially for those not in the area which I can direct meet up.

Those overseas, I will try my best to ask from Courier Service Provider see if I can post mail to your country.
Below link I quoted from Kwong Wah Online News Paper regarding the story and news of Clinathanus or Sabah Snake Grass.

Quoted from Kwong Wah Online News Paper

Helping others cancer patients who really needs it. I will not sell it, and also hoping that others DOES NOT SELL the plant I gave to you to others just to make extra money.


Regina said...

Hi, I would like to check with you whether cancel ppl can take chicken soup? because i saw your blog, the ppl can not have chicken meat right? please reply me as soon as possible. my mum currently are really weak because we do not know what type of food which can make her more energy.... please advice... thanks

Gan Chin Seng said...

Hi Regina,

Meat is the energy source for human body. If a undergo Chemo Treatment cancer patient only consume vege. His/her body will very lack of energy.

If you wish to consume some meat, you can always try Cod Fish. Chicken is not advisable however, Kampung Chicken can be replace with normal chicken.

Agnes said...

Hi like your blog - people helping people. Just came to know about Sabah Snake Grass few days ago from a friend. My brother's very weak now after about two weeks hospitalization and had some medical tests done on him. He said he's suffering the side effects of the drugs given him. Meanwhile, I heard about a certain cancer patient who had undergone chemo for cancer before but had a relapse. Understand more than 120 lymph nodes were affected and his specialist said he had 3 months to live (doctors are not God!). He then resorted to alternative medicine upon advice. He consumed Sabah Snake Grass (grown in his own garden)twice daily (SSG and a green apple were juiced together). He's now a living testimony of the powerful detox effect of the SSG and his lymph nodes are normal now. Today my husband telephoned that man to enquire whether he had anymore of the SSG to spare my brother but unfortunately he said that he's now running low in supply coz he's been giving a lot of his SSG away f.o.c. So he referred my husband to contact Mr. Tan of Yip Poh Ling Herbal Farm in Negri Sembilan (some 10 km from Seremban). I called up Mr. Tan since we need the plant urgently. He informed me that I could purchase the SSG at RM15/- per packet (understandable he has to charge his customers since he's running a herbal farm. Thankful that I don't need to pay an arm and a leg for the SSG.).

However, I wonder whether it's alright that my brother starts consuming the SSG juice now even before the biopsy results are out? Do you happen to know a Chinese TCM doctor who could advise me on this?

Also, please find out whether normal healthy people could consume the SSG juice and not suffer too much of its 'cooling' effect, while detoxifying their body.

Your reply to Regina: Would like to refer you to the last sentence of your reply to Regina. "Chicken is not advisable however, Kampung Chicken can be replace with normal chicken." Do you actually mean the reverse that normal chicken can be replaced with kampung chicken and not as what's stated in your blog?
Kampung chicken is chemical free whereas normal chicken is not. Would appreciate your kind confirmation, many thanks.

Gan Chin Seng said...

Hi Agnes,

You can try seek your doctor's advice see if your brother's condition is OK to takes others medicine such as SSG.

Normal person can consume this SSG also, probably a MAX of 30 leaves per day.

As for the Kampung Chicken, indeed. Reason due to normal chicken some has chemicals. So to play save, Kampung Chicken would be best. However, it would be best try to avoid chicken meat as I've heard alot from others that Chicken Meat will helps the cells to grows.
Regina case is different, because her mom is very weak. I will only suggest to take Kampung Chicken is his/her body are very weak after chemo.

Agnes said...

Hi GCS. TQ for your prompt reply. My husband's going back to P'ng on Saturday and would like to get/buy the SSG from a certain man Eric in Tanjong Bungah for a certain patient.(Read about him in one of your blog comments last night.) Do you happen to know Eric and his mobile no. please? We'd like to contact him desperately!

KA128 said...

I have checked with FedExp and they can deliver the herbs. The only question is whether the custom and quarantine agency in other country will allow it.

H.N.Liew said...

First and foremost, I would like to thank Mr Gan Chin Seng for sharing his knowledge, time and giving SSG to people free of charge. It is very rare to find people like him. I salute him and I promise to give him a good lunch or dinner when I meet him to discuss how we can help poor cancer patients and patients who opt not to go for conventional treatment
Besides drinking SSG, cancer patients should also learn the root causes of cancer and how to remove them naturally.
They should read Andreas Moritz's book "Cancer is Not a Disease". You can buy it online from The book has plenty of useful information for cancer patients. I use some of his advices for helping cancer patients.
Cancer patients have high toxins, acidic body, low immunity, poor bowel movement and lack of deep breathing exercises, oxygen, sunlight, nutrients and clean water. These together with bad eating habits, unhealthy diet and lifestyle cause the accumulation of toxins. These toxins cause inflammation in the body which leads to cancer. We are what we eat, drink, do and think.
During my talk and consultation, I discourage cancer patients from undergoing surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Most of them are skeptical at first. So I told them to follow my natural method for a month. If they follow the protocols given by me, they will see improvement in their condition. One of my protocols is drinking the Sabah Snake Grass juice. Some patients do not show improvement because they do not follow a detoxification program, eat a healthy diet and live a healthy lifestyle. For healing to take place, the patient needs to take care of his physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of health.
You can get more info. from my blog:
If you need to listen to my talk you can email: or sms to 0193136282.
May you be well and happy always.

francis said...

Hi Gan, I have some small SSG plants to give away. This can be used for replanting. If anybody around Klang Valley needs it, pls email me at and I shall arrange it.

Mike said...

Hi, my dad has been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer few days back and the doctor said it is in stage 4. Would really appreciate if anyone could tell me where i could get the SSG in Singapore. Please help and advise. my contact @ +65 84999917.

PS said...

Hi Gan, my wife is at stage 4 lung cancer. It has since spread all over especially the brain. Seven months ago, the hospital discharged her saying there is no more treatment for her. For the past seven months, she is bedridden, like a stroke patient. She cannot move, cannot speak and cannot recognise anyone.She is on liquid feed only . For the past seven months (after discharged from hospital) she was given each day 150 leaves blended with a green apple. Now after seven months , it appears that there is no sign of any recovery. My question - should we continue with giving her the 150 sabah snake grass ?

al hamsain said...

Hi, am from the philippines..... After reading about the sabah snake grass, I became interested on planting this plant, because here in our province lot of people have cancers, in fact my mother died of lung cancer. Am very much interested in helping my people from the cures of this killer cancer. Do you have a branch of your comany here in the Philippines? Is it also possible for other who has no cancer to drink this plant? Thanks

Mustaqim said...

I have started producing extracts of SSG at 100:1 and 50:1 potency level. It is totally water soluble. If you are interested to purchase please email me at
Thank you.

Cal Yeo said...

i have just pruned my SSG plants which i have bought fr the pantai herb farm, i will be keeping the leaves in the fridge until anyone who needs them comes to collect from me. foc. i can pass it to anyone who needs it at the seremban, rasah jaya family store. email me if u r interested

stephy qq said...

hi .may i known where can find it "憂遁草or优顿草/Clinathanus/Sabah Snake Grass"?
My friend's mother was healed, but in the end was diagnosed with cancer.
The doctors said it's incurable.
Now he really wants to know where I can find this plant.

pls and tq><
live in ipoh .

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