Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tips On Re-Planting 憂遁草or优顿草/Clinathanus/Sabah Snake Grass

Due to high volume of request, the plant that I have is currently running low. 
To those who wish to get this plant from me and RE-SELL it to others people. I'm willing to sell it at RM30,000 Per 100 Grams. 

Tips on how to re-plant SSG or Clinathanus.
- Cutting the branch into about 7CM - 9CM long.
- Both of the branch side should be in clean or sharp shape.
- Plant it into a vase first.
- (Optional) Move it into the ground when it grows about 7 - 8 Inches in height with leaves.
- Make sure suitable soil in order for the plant to grow faster and healthy.
- Remember to pour waters at least twice a day (sufficient amount only).
- You will see the plant re-grow the leaves only after about 5-7 days time.



文笛 said...

Are u crazy selling @RM30,000 per 100g??

Gan Chin Seng said...


Indeed, yes...
If you want the plant from me and sell it to others people for some extra money earning. I'm willing to sell to you at RM30,000 per 100grams.

However, if you want this plant to purely help those cancer patients FOC. I'm willing to give the plant to you FREE.

Read my statement carefully. :) Cheers...

Sih Yang said...

Hi Mr Gan, my father has been diagnosed with cancer in his lung. We are waiting for further confirmation on the type of cancer he got. We live in Kuching, Sarawak. I wonder how can we get the Sabah Snake Grass from here?

Sally said...

Hi Chin Seng

I just got to know about this miracle plant that can bring hope to the cancer patients. My dad was diagnosed with stomach cancer @ stage 4, now on oral chemo. Can you advise if any Singaporean asked this plant from you so that I can get from them cos aft reading all the comments, i can see that your plant are running out.

Wld appreciate if u could reply me at my email:


Gan Chin Seng said...

Hi Sally,

I've replied to your email.

Best Regards,

Sally said...

Hi Gan

I've been checking my email, didnt receive your reply.
Could you pls send again.


Gan Chin Seng said...


Is this your email?


Happy said...

Hi Gan, I'm from Singapore. Where can I get the grass from you as I need it urgently for my mum n my best friend mum. Her mum is in quite critical stage n I hope you can help us. Thanks!


Barwee said...

Hi Gan,

My mom is diagnosed with cervical cancer. May I have some of your plant? Do you still have it?

If you're out, I do understand. It's okay. Thank you so much for giving all of us a helping hand. You're really kind:)

ST said...

Hi Chin Seng;

I really like the way you texturized the word "RE-SELL" and the cost of RM 30,000.00 per 100 grams! The message is clear.

As for those for are looking for this herbal shrub in the southern peninsula, the closest organization that i known off is in Endau,(near Rompin) Pahang. This charity organization is run by 德教公會 and it has a chinese herbalist to assess cancer patient. Please bring in all the medical records of patient for they are quite professional as any other doctor who would like to refer to test result prior to prescription.

I sought help and have visited the premise and learned that during weekend, medical students and professors from National University of Singapore visit the place.

I hope this will shade some light for others. Thank you very much for sharing. Should anybody would like to learn more about this, please email me at

cnyeong said...

I hope everyone can plant this grass in front of their house so that we can help more cancer patients. I planted some a year ago and many patients have come to get it from me.

cnyeong said...

I hope everyone can plant this grass in front of their house so that we can help more cancer patients. I planted some a year ago and many patients have come to get it from me.

RitseDollar said...

Hi is there anywhere I can get it to buy from the U.k or Europe for a cancer patient

Stephenie Soh said...

Hi im frm spore.

My fren has breast cancer n tumour. 4 stage. Can help her ? Hw to collect frm u ?

Whatsapp 96976977.