Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sabah Snake Grass / Clinathanus - Case Study

Case Study :
1. Kidney Failure - Wong Teck Gee 63 suffer kidney failure, consume Sabah Snake Grass / Clinathanus and lived to tell us his story.

2. 黄秀琴 from Singapore, she recovered rapidly after consume Sabah Snake Grass. She can be contacted at +65XXX69127.

3. Stage 4 Cancer from Penang, which spread almost to all of body including limp nodes. After consuming SSG and mushroom enzyme, her condition improved significantly. 2 Months back before consuming the SSG, many parts of her body swell due to cancer cells spread all over her body. But now. not anymore.

p/s: I will keeps on update the Case Study. Would appreciate all to shared with me any case study about this Clinathanus.

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