Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sabah Snake Grass / Clinathanus - Contact Information

1. Northern Region - 
          - CSGan 0124283834
          - sk_choy (Chinese Cari Forum Member) 0124285479
2. Central Region - 
          - Persatuan Pengkaji Herba Tradisi (Negeri Sembilan)
          - Mr Chee 
          - Mr Foo EK - Klang 0163143785
          - Chong Ooi Cheng - Puchong or 0124888138
3. Southern Region - Ms Kallee
4. Sabah Region - Mr Jeffrey 0198114781

1. Distibutor located at China Town Herbal store B1-161 (牛车水草药专卖店) , 
    contact: 65-9435084,65-62226156. stock reservation is required.
2. Hua Hng Trading Co Pte Ltd
     Add: 15 Bah Soon Pah Rd (near Yishun)
     Tel: 62573259 / 67520500
3. Oh Chin Huat Hydroponic Farms
     Add: Bah Soon Pah Rd 14A
     Tel: 98518913 (Ai Ling)
4. Alwyn Tan
      Tel: (65) 9007 2713

Appreciate more and more contacts information if you have this grass and willing to shared. :)

Best Regards,


Lim said...

Hi Mr Gan,
We are looking for the Sabah Snake Grass as mentioned in your blog for one of our relative who is suffering from cancer now. However, the address in Singapore ChinaTown was incomplete and the handphone number is short of one number. Please can u post the number n address so that we can find this grass.
Appreciate your help.

Gan Chin Seng said...

Hi Lim,

You try contact 黄秀琴. she has recovered 症康复神速幸运儿,,65-98769127,她会乐意帮助大家.

suzanne said...

Hi there,
Apparently, this grass can also be found in Taiping but I am not sure of the details. Perhaps, you may want to research on this...

tam said...

Hi Mr gan,
i'm Tam. i do have one friend who was diagnosed having sacroma cancer stage 4.She is only 17.She is not taking any treatemwnt yet so I do want to help her with this SSG since it is helpful. Can i have a branch of the plant so that i can plant it in my area. May i know are you selling or giving the plant??

my contact num:016-3340124

thanks Mr Gan. May God Bless.

Anonymous said...

I have been taking this SSG tea and it helps to reduce my uric acid level. Recently, a colleague of mine told me his dad has experience great improvement on his high blood pressure after taking SSG tea.

I start recommending to friends with cholesterol, diabetic and skin problems. Most of them do experience improvements in many ways. I have also seen people around me with cancer benefited from this plant.

I have been buying from fresh leaves and tea bags from Will 010 525 7782. I think his products are mostly available at organic shops. You may check them out at Delivery to worldwide should not be a problem.