Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lesson Learn from Cancer Patients

I learn a little bit from those Cancer Patients, from Just Diagnose with Cancer up until Final Stage Cancer Patients. I notice 1 thing from them all.

Chemotheraphy is a very dangerous treatment to go for those Cancer Patients.

My opinion on this.
If a normal patients just diagnose with Cancer, do not ever direct go for Chemo Treatment. Seek others treatment such as Radiotheraphy and etc. But I personally advise to seek for alternatives medicine such as Sabah Snake Grass, Cancer Superstar/Pecah Beling, Enzyme from fruits. and etc.

If doctor officially announced to you that you are Cancer Patient Stage 1, Stage 2, Stage 3 (Starting Level). Try ask your doctor if those alternatives medicine or herbs are suitable for you.

Stage 3 (Mid Level) and above, I would suggest that you go for suitable treatment in order to stabilized the the cancer from spreading also, if your doctor is OK for you to take alternatives herbs at the same time you are doing Chemo Treatment, go for it. Don't ever hesitate on it.

Recently I learn a case from my family in law, initially diagnose with Stage 3 Cancer with only 2 spots in the Liver. However, the first Chemo Drug were given and conditions were worsen until doctor announced it has gone beyond the stage 3. I'm wondering, why can't the doctor give others advise? Such as go for alternatives medicine or herbs. It is the only treatment for cancer patients is Chemo, Radiation? No others treatment available? Or, could it be that the Doctor wish to earn more money from Chemo rather than advising the patients to go for alternatives medicine or herbs?

However, I know the feeling of a Cancer Patient. They have to mentally and physically stronger than normal human. It is not a easy nor relax day for those Cancer Patients, as they have to get a very big supports from their family and friends. Let them know at least it is not end of the world, at least they still have their loves one be along with them, at least the time still running.

For me, supports from the family and friends has been a very big appreciation to me because they are the reason I keep on running, they are the reason I keep on fighting, they are the reason why I'm still breathing. No doubt, it is a painful experiences for all, but at least this shows to you who are actually caring you. Be note, the whole world are actually caring of you. That's why, the Oncologist Scientist still keeps on looking for the cure to cure the cancer patients around the world.

Diagnose with cancer is nothing important that having your great time with your loves one. I'm pretty sure, nowadays, most human being keeps on working and working and working until they don't even have the time to accompany their loves one. Some times, you have to let go your job and be with your family at least once a week. Bring them for jogging, bring them to watch movie, bring them for picnic and etc.

I've been asking alot of people including myself, why 20 years back the people can lives over 100 years without any health problem? Why last time so little news about Cancer but now, seems like a very common things happened to people around you?

Let me answer you, simple! This is all because, 20 years back, people does not have much entertainment as what we have now! 20 years back, people are much care of their family than their job! The people 20 years back, after work they are totally letting down their work and go back home to accompany their loves one. Unlike the people nowadays, even after back home, they still can work after a quick dinner and work until mid night. Do you all think this is a good life?

20 years back, people are sleeping at 10PM (Most Late!) and wake up at 6AM. But now? even it is 2AM, you still can see people hanging around the Mamak Stall, Pub and Bistro, Disco, and etc.

No doubt, life changes us. The society nowadays changed and we have to follow the changed in order for us to keep on the track. People are much even hardworking than those 20 years back. People are earning much more than those 20 years back. Life style sometimes changed us which makes us forgotten the important of our health.

BUT, 20 years back, the people are selling items with their true heart. 20 years now, the people are selling items with their money heard to gain more money ONLY. Take an example, like the Infant Milks happened, The fake eggs, the fake sharkfin, the fake birdnest, problematic's foods and etc.

Why is this happening? We all are human, we all are same. Why they want to kill each other? Could this be the reason that the mothernature could not stand and watch the human keeps on killing each other and this causes the Tsunami? Earth Quake? and many more?

OK, have to stop here for now. I know have written until out of the topic. But all I'm sharing here is from my own heart, my own opinion. It is been always as easy as 123, just the way you think of it.


cuttiecubby said...

Well said and it's so true.

Stress is the no 1 killer without us realizing it. I've read an article from an email commented by a western dr himself, chemo & radiation is killing all those cancer patient not the cancer that's causes death. BUT again it's the patient choice. build your believe level and do not let cancer control your body, mind & soul. Hold on for a minute and think, if you're stress...what are the action you're going to take? Do you have a solution to a better health?

H.N.Liew said...

Thank you for enlightening us with your articles. And also the sharing and care given to the cancer patients.
You have done a remarkable job. The world needs people like you.

Gan Chin Seng said...


I'm just helping around. I've seen your blog. You are sharing a lot of your precious knowledge to everyone also.

I've been very busy recently. Shall make a trip to KL for meet up with you. Hopes to knows more from you. :)

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